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Confused about my fetish, now accepting it

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Very nice to see how that kink appear 🥰 

I love pissing where we shouldn't do it normally and get aroused too when I see someone pissing. 

It's easier for me, in urinals we can have a discreet look 

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Welcome to the site. It’s nice that you have a friend who’s so open about peeing with other people around.

never thought about telling him you enjoy seeing him pee?

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7 hours ago, nygirl said:

My whole kink started by watching my male friends pee outside carelessly when we were young. Usually they would tell me not to look, or would turn their backs. But I could hear and see their marks afterward, imagining what it looked like between their legs. I would feel a tingly, pressure-like feeling down there. I used to think it was also because I needed to pee. I would get wet thinking about it, not knowing what it was, I would think I was leaking pee. That was years before puberty. I was about 10 when I decided to be "naughty" and look back while my friend peed, seeing a penis for the first time. This was probably my sexual awakening.

My best friend growing up was a country boy and always pissed anywhere at his convenience outside. Sometimes he would intentionally piss on things. This would drive me wild. I used to be aroused that I couldn't help but rub my clit through my pocket while he did this. I would also pee outside, but not within view. I was shy and remain rather shy. When we were teens, we would often go into New York City. There are almost no bathrooms for public use, so we would sometimes pee in risqué situations after a night of underaged drinking. Subway stations, drains, elevators, etc. Not proud of that, but the memories turn me on. 

Living in NYC, I see men publicly urinating a lot and it arouses me. If I can get away with it, I stay and watch. It is a turn-off however if the man is unattractive. But if he is, I usually masturbate to the memory as soon as I'm alone.

Welcome to the group 

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Funny you mention NYC as my wife and I were in NYC back on Cinco De Mayo and had a sighting. We stayed in Long Island City near the Pepsi sign off of 44th. Walking back to the hotel around 130a we were behind a group of 3 chicks, 1 of which was highly drunk. She darted into an doorway to piss when her friend stopped her and told her to wait til we passed. We did and after we were about 50ish feet or so, I heard one of the loudest splashing power pisses I've ever heard behind me. I casually turned around to "look at a building" while still talking to my wife next to me and saw only 2 crouched bent forward legs from the doorway with her friends on the sidewalk in front. Got back to the hotel and had some of the best sex lately.


Thanks for letting me share, my first sighting share on the site actually.

Welcome to the party!


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