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Partners that piss too

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For me now i have realised i need someone who is not just reluctantly partaking in my kink but actually into piss etc. My ex wife and I ended it 7 months ago and while there were a whole host of reasons for that I think a lack of sexual similarities played a big part in it.

This could be a little too deep for this normally light hearted forum but...does your partner have a piss kink? If so, fantastic. If not, are you happy with your partner although they do not want to do the naughty things you do?

Be honest. We are all anonymous after all.

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No he doesn't. I don't think he has any kinks at all. We've been together for 8 years, own a home together and have kids. We are happy and I have no plans on leaving him anytime soon (and hopefully he feels the same 🤣). It doesn't bother me that he is not into pee. I'm perfectly happy doing pee stuff on my own. It's how I explored the kink when I first found out I had it at such a young age, so it's no big deal to do it now. 

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Very happily married 15 years to a wonderful woman who does not share my kink. We have a decent, mostly satisfactory sex life. She's not a very sexual person, and usually could take it or leave it. She does not have any kinks. 

She used to kink shame me about pee, but really doesn't anymore. As far as pee stuff, she allows me to pee inside her during PIV if I want to. I do this when I feel like it, but not every time we have sex. 

She regularly pees in the shower, and once in a while she'll allow me to watch. I don't always ask, because this is when she sometimes kink shames, for example, she'll say that me wanting to watch her pee is creepy. 

We don't really camp much anymore, but when we used to camp, she would allow me to watch her pee (outside the tent, etc.). She probably still would if we camped more often.

I've occasionally asked her to pee during sex, but she has said that she never will, and I need to stop asking.

She doesn't like talking about pee-related things, and has asked me to stop bringing it up. I mostly have, but may still mention it occasionally, if it is topical - like if it's mentioned on the news, or a TV show we're watching, etc.

Is a non-shared kink a strain on our relationship? Maybe once in a while, but not really for the most part. Like @Bacardi mentioned, I have other outlets for it, including this forum (which she definitely does not know about).

Do I wish she shared my kink? Of course. But it's worked for 15 years, definitely not going to change anything now. 

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Both women in my life do it for me. In all kinds of pissing. (there is evidence here 🙂 ) Whether they like it - I don't know, and I don't ask. 🙂 I'll enjoy it while I can.

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