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Maserati destruction

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Disclaimer: This story contains extreme car destruction, of course piss and hard sex - so please only read if you like this combination.
All characters and events are pure fiction!
Feedback is appreciated.

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Veronica told Sarah that she knew of a car that was for sale nearby, it was really sexy and she wanted to show it to her. As they rounded a corner they saw the car, a gloss black Maserati 3200GT with blood red interior. The girls started to look at the car and both of them ran their fingers on the shiny metal bodywork. Sarah looked inside through the window and Veronica came up beside her and said "is that the sexiest interior you have ever scene". Veronica took her hand and gently reached up between Sarah's legs and could feel the wetness soaking her shorts, Sarah moaned quietly as Veronica rubbed just a little. They both stood up as a young man approached the two and asked if he could help them. Veronica asked if the car was still for sale and the man replied "yes it is, but nobody wanted it as it is very expensive". Veronica moved over to the man and ran her finger down his shirt and said "I can afford it, I am a very wealth girl, can't you tell". The man started to quiver as he got aroused, and they saw the man's dick get hard. The man got a little embarrassed and gave the keys to Veronica and told her to look closer and take it for a test drive around the block, he then ran inside the house and tried to relax his swollen member. Veronica didn't waste anytime and told Sarah to jump in. They drove away slowly and then when out of sight floored the twin turbo V8, and it got sideways instantly! Sarah was banging side to side in the luscious red leather seat, she could smell the fine Italian leather and couldn't help but rub her legs on the bottom cushion adding to the already wetness spewing from her pussy. Veronica looked over at Sarah and said "you like this one, I can smell your pussy is excited". Sarah slammed back into the backrest and rolled her eyes and said "this is the sexiest seat I have sat in so far, it holds you like a glove and is just so soft, and that leather smell is intoxicating". Veronica told Sarah that this car was theirs for the night and that asshole was just too stupid to own this fine a machine. With a sexy look in her eyes and gripping the fat leather wrapped steering wheel she commented "we are going to have a night of sexyness and destruction with this car, it will give all it's sexiness to us and we will send it to the junkyard when we are done", Sarah grabbed her wet crotch and said "I m with you baby, all the way".

Veronica drove to her apartment and parked the car in the garage in a secluded corner. They both got out and went to her room to get changed. Sarah threw out her outfit, it was really nasty and washed up a bit and sat down naked on Veronica's leather couch. Veronica had done the same and was cleaner and perfumed a bit. Veronica handed Sarah a spandex catsuit and told her to put that on, she gave her some short boots with metal heals and leather gloves, she finished the outfit off with a vinyl corset which pushed her boobs up and made them look really large. Veronica then went into her bedroom and grabbed a vinyl teddy and fishnet hose, she put on a pair of over the knee CFM (cum fuck me) boots and vinyl gloves. they met in the main room and Sarah sat up, making leather sounds on the couch as Veronica entered the room. "You are so sexy in that outfit, your body is radiating sex" Sarah commented. Veronica claimed to Sarah "you are now ready to meet the guys and we are ready to enjoy that car". They both slipped down to the garage quietly and slipped into the car, their outfits made loud sounds as they slid onto the fine red leather. They sat there for a moment and as Veronica grabbed the shifter Sarah reached over and grabbed her hand and squeezed. The smooth calfskin and vinyl gloves sighed with pleasure as they held tightly. Veronica started the car and revved the motor a little, then she wiggled in the seat some making those fantastic noises and stirred up that leather smell. Sarah then pointed out to Veronica that these seats inflate, immediately Veronica inflated the seat and the leather cupped her body and now she was sitting in a leather glove, tight and ready for some serious driving. They drove out of the garage and nailed the gas, sliding sideways and burning rubber down the block.
Veronica knew that as it was getting late and the police would have a hard time finding them, so her plan was to go to a secret place the police didn't go, the local dogging area on top of the mountain near the sea. All the way there Sarah couldn't help but touch her whole body, the shiny catsuit has hugging her curves and the seat held her in place, her pussy was just begging to be played with. Veronica was already dripping onto the seat, her juices were pooling under her and she moved around on them lubing the seat against her vinyl outfit, she could feel the wetness through her fishnets. They drove to the top of the mountain and noticed no one was there, they parked near the only light there and turned the motor off. Veronica pulled her large purse out and grabbed a white spray can of paint from it. She wrote on the cars flank "free fuck and car fun here". She tossed the can over the cliff and returned to Sarah in the car, Sarah knew this was a sign that the car was not coming home. Veronica slammed her ass into the seat with almost no sound as the wetness allowed her to slide into it. She reached over to Sarah and gave her a deep, passionate kiss and rammed her tongue into Sarah's mouth. Sarah moaned with pleasure and could feel the wetness start to flow down her ass crack and onto the spandex material. They separated and Veronica started the car, she pushed the gas pedal to the floor and then up again, then banged it to the floor again, her body pushing into the tight seat and the red leather starting to stretch at the punishment. The gauges all went to redline and the car got hot from the engine. Sarah turned in her seat and slammed the pointed heel at the window and it smashed without any problem. Sarah was impressed, and slammed it into the red dashboard making a quick hole in it. Sarah turned to Veronica, her face showing hot pleasure she reached between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy hard, Veronica
started to move up and down and dripped some more fluid on the seat changing that fine Italian leather smell to something more like in a whorehouse. Veronica pushed back more into the seat and the air bladders started to move inside, finally one popped loudly and Veronica screamed in pleasure. Sarah's hand all the sudden got soaked in juice as Veronica came hard. The engine was smoking under the hood and the end was near, Sarah told Veronica to push it harder and kill that beast! The glow from the red hot exhaust could be seen under the car and the girls were starting to sweat inside the car, the drivers seat was now bent slightly back and Veronica was glistening from her body, her hands gripping that steering wheel tightly and mashing the cushy leather cover to putty. The coolant lines blow up and the front of the car was now just steam, the hot exhaust burning the coolant as it poured out of the motor. Then "BANG, RING TING TING TING" the motor was done. Veronica slammed open the door and breathed some of the cool, damp air outside, she could see the glow of the exhaust and feel the heat under the car. "Crap this car is almost as hot and horny as me". Veronica turned and put her right leg outside the car, her left leg was kneeling on the seat sliding on all the juice she left there. She pushed her crotch onto the leather bolster of the seat backrest and started to slide up and down. Her head tilted up and her eyes rolled back into her head, the smooth leather was just wonderful on her pussy, the wetness lubed the leather and she slid effortlessly on it. She came hard again and wet more of the seat. After a short rest she got out of the car and went over to other side and grabbed the door handle, the chrome handle was no match for her and she ripped it from it's mounts, then she tore open the door and pushed it far forward. Sarah sat in the inflated seat looking so sexy and erotic, she moved slightly and made sliding noises on the leather. Veronica grabbed Sarah's legs and opened them, she then fell onto her and kissed her deeply and licked her chin and down to her breasts. Her pushed up tits rubbed against hers and instantly their nipples started to get rock hard. Veronica kissed and licked her way down to the catsuit's crotch and rubbed it with her fingers, she pushed on the material and easily got her finger to go into her pussy material and all. She slid two fingers in with the material, the black shiny material turning white and gooey. She looked at Sarah and grabbed the wet material and ripped a hole into it and buried her face in her pussy. Sarah screamed and the juices flowed like water cascading down the front of the seat and onto the floor. Sarah convulsed with pleasure and slammed her ass down into the drenched seat, her spandex now wet where ever it touched the seat. Her eyes where closed and the boot heals slammed into the dashboard holding fast to it, and her hands grabbing Veronicas head. Just then Sarah heard a noise and opened her eyes, two guys where standing there, enormous erections in their pants and big smiles on their faces. 
Sarah looked at the two men standing there and tapped on Veronica's head, Veronica said in a muffled voice "more OK", then Sarah said "ah you need to see this, we got customers". Veronica pulled her wet face from Sarah's crotch and looked at the two horny guys. Veronica slowly walked over to them and grabbed their swollen members through their pants and said "if you want to play, the car has to pay". The guys looked at each other and Veronica told them that the car was not to leave here and that the more destruction they inflicted the better the sex would be. The guys went back to their truck and grabbed a 4 foot long crow bar, curved on one end and pointed on the other, they also had a large sledge hammer with them as they were muscular construction guys. They quickly came back, Veronica had sat on the sexy hood of the car and told the guys, I want you two to smash the sides and front and back of this car, the hood and roof are for us to bash. Sarah pulled herself out of the wet leather seat and walked to the front and slammed her spiked metal heel into the hood above the grill, it penetrated the thin steel and she worked it around to make the hole bigger. The guys started to bash the headlights and front fenders, the body yielding quickly and the lights breaking into plastic splinters. The girls stepped up on the hood and held each other tightly, the cool, moist sea air was getting a little foggy and wet so it dampened their bodies and added to the overall wetness that was still on their lower extremities. The girls started to stamp on the hood, Veronica climbed on the roof and it made some bending noises as she moved around, dancing sexy for the guys. Sarah used the metal heels to dig into the bright paintwork on the hood and scratch deeply into it. She slammed her heels into the hood and made holes into it, every now and then a small amount of smoke would come out of the hole from the blown engine. The girls continued to dance and touch their bodies, looking down at the guys as they continued to smash the bodywork, working up a sweat on their muscled bodies and ripping their shirts off to cool in the damp air. Sarah smacked the windscreen with her heel and the glass shattered but did not break, a hole in the glass showed where the spike went through. Veronica pointed to the guys that the doors need to be removed and they both took up the task, they pried at the hinges with the crowbar and smashed the interior panel and its Italian leather trim until they could rip it from the car, they then smashed the door some more showing the girls they were the victors! Veronica dropped her legs out from under her and her ass smacked onto the roof denting the metal under her, she them laid back on the damp surface and asked Sarah to join her there. Sarah dropped to her knees on the hood with a loud crunch and made a hugh dent in the destroyed bodywork, she crawled up the shattered windscreen to her girlfriend. The guys were still smashing the taillights when they noticed the girls coming together up there. The crowbar's pointed end got pushed into one of the back tires, it hissed loudly and dropped the wheel to the ground rapidly making Veronica moan loudly. Sarah told the boys you got three more to do, and I have to drink the nectar from her when you do it. Sarah opened Veronicas legs and tore the fishnets open, the vinyl teddy still covering her swollen pussy lips, parting them down the middle. Sarah licked the vinyl cover and tasted the sweet fluid that was all over her thighs and crotch. Sarah saw the guys looking intensely at the girls on the roof and pointed to the next tire, the crowbar went in with a thump, the air hissed and as the car moved quickly Veronica screamed and convulsed with pleasure. Sarah licked the juice that started to pour from Veronica, her face now slick with love juice, she reached up and grabbed a handful of vinyl that covered her tit. The guys now where going crazy and walked to the front of the car ready to deflate the next tire. As Sarah continued to lick she made a thumbs up signal and then turned it upside down, the guys slammed the point into the tire and it popped and hissed, Veronica screamed and splashed Sarah some more. The guys went to the last tire and prepared, Sarah now wrapped behind Veronicas legs, pushing her head into that pussy almost suffocating, motioned to them to nail it. Veronica arched her back in an almost un-natural way, grabbed Sarah's head and pushed it into her pussy deeply. Sarah's tongue was fatigued from all of this but she did not stop. Veronica came so hard her butt jumped on the roof and dented it some more. The girls sat up on the roof and embraced each other and kissed passionately, the guys unzipped their pants and started to stroke their massive erect sex machines and the girls looked and smiled. The girls slid off the roof and slammed their bodies each into one of the front seats, the wet air had made a wet layer of dew form on them and the cool wet leather was slippery on their skin. They each started to stroke a guy and the guys hit the roof of the car with their fists each time the girls nibbled or deep throated their dicks. Veronica was on the driver’s side and her guy stated to cum, she directed the erect member towards the instruments and he shot a huge load all over the steering wheel and covered the gauges in hot sticky man juice. Sarah follows up with her man and he was strong enough to shot his load all the way to the console and hit the shifter and the radio with his juice. The guys high fived each other over the roof and knelt down and kissed the girls deeply, tasting the girl cum still on their faces, it was wonderful. The girls told the guys to stand back and get their juice makers to fill up again "watch and wait, don't you dare cum until we are ready for you". Sarah sat back in her seat and slammed her heels into the leather of the dash board ripping large holes and tearing the leather to pieces. She then reached up and tore the shredded leather from the finely crafted piece and threw it out of the car. Veronica told the boys to hit the car's front end with the sledge hammer and watch the show. The boys nailed the front bumper a few times and it broke off, in turn the driver’s airbag shot out and engulfed Veronica in a hot blast of cushion, she rubbed her hard nipples in the inflated bag and reached around and grabbed the leather steering wheel, she then pulled with all she had and popped the bag. She squirted all over the leather seat drenching the floor and pedals. Veronica sat back in the seat and put her boots on the wheel and ripped the bag from the center, she threw it out the door, another sex toy tossed away. The guys got on each side of the car and looked at the girls inside, Sarah said "watch the show and enjoy, but don't cum, store that up". Veronica turned in her seat, put her back to the steering wheel and pulled back her legs, she trust her heel of her boot into the leather of the seat back and popped the lower air bladder with a loud bang, she rubbed her pussy and let the juice lube the lower seat. She then knelt on the seat and started to lick the Maserati emblems on the headrests, and using her teeth bit the smooth leather leaving her teeth marks there. Sarah followed by spinning around in her seat and using those spikes slowly pushed them into the seat back, then when she felt the air bladder under the spike, she thrust it into the bladder, causing a loud pop. Each seat had 3 bladders and Sarah destroyed each one this way, Veronica would tell her to do it slowly, and Sarah would look over to Veronica and tease her just as she was to pop the next one, then close her eyes and slam into it, Veronica moaned and moved side to side on the lubed leather. The girls turn back around and hugged each other and kissed deeply, they then sat back in the torn seats and pushed hard on the dashboard bending the seats back some more and making some great noise against their bodies. They both noticed that the seats were much deeper now that the bladders were destroyed and hugged their backs and bottoms more. This feeling of torn leather against their outfits got them horny and they each started to finger themselves rolling their eyes back and arching their backs. They both started to move their butts up and down on the drenched glove soft leather, banging harder and harder into the seat with each thrust of their fingers. The guys now decided to rub the girl’s tits and they liked it. "Great timing boys, our bodies need more hands", the guys now grabbed the rock hard nipples as they poked into the spandex and vinyl outfits. Sarah told her guy to rip the spandex and let her tits out, he did not waste a second and tore two holes into the material causing Sarah to cum harder, he started to lick her nipples and help rub her pussy soaking his hand in her juice. Veronica was not to be left out, her man understood that she was in ecstasy and pulled her boobs out around the vinyl top and started to suck on them, Veronica moaned louder in pleasure, the vinyl outfit making loud noises against the torn leather backrest. Both girls came very hard and squirted the broken windscreen, any coolness the seat hard before was now gone, replaced with sweat and love juice. The girls caught their breath and put their boots to the windscreen, they pushed and it popped out falling to the hood and slid and scratched until it fell to the ground on top of the broken bumper. The damp night air filled the cars cabin and the dew soaked the dry backseat and interior panels. Veronica reached into her purse and pulled out a knife, she thrust it into her seat popping the last air bladder that was near the top of the backrest. She continued to cut up her seat while the other three watched the show. She ripped at the leather with her hands and tore the red covers to pieces exposing the yellow foam underneath. She tore out the air bladders holding each one up like a prize, then she sat back on the mainly yellow foam and peed a smoking hot stream of piss onto the exposed guts. She hot piss smoked and filled the interior with a new sharp smell, the Italian leather smell now gone from her seat. Veronica told the boys "I need you to rip this seat out of the car, I have no use for this anymore". The guys grabbed their tools and went to work on the seat bashing and prying at it, breaking the plastic trim in loud cracking noises and bending the seat frame in un- natural angles. Sarah sat in her seat looking over at all of this and the next thing she knew Veronica was crawling on top of her, they laid there on each other than Veronica decided to spin around and go for some 69 action. Sarah listened as the sounds of the guys ripping the seat out combined with the sounds of Veronica's vinyl CFM boots against the leather of her seat. The girls buried their heads in each other’s crotch and the boys got real excited and worked harder to rip that seat out. Finally the seat tore out with a bang and the girls creamed on each other at the sound. Veronica slid her ass to the damp backseat and climbed into the corner and moved around a little. She put her head against the headrest and then cut the seatbelt away. She then kicked out the opposite side window with her boot and looked at Sarah and smiled. Sarah spun in her seat and kicked out the other window easy with her metal heel and smile back at Veronica, touché! Veronica summoned one of the guys to get inside the car and ripped open the small piece of vinyl that still covered her pussy, she slammed the guys head into her wet crotch and held his hair tightly in her hand. He stuck his powerful tongue into her pussy and she started to leak juice immediately. Sarah put one leg out of the car and opened her pussy to her man and he did not need directions, he fell into her crotch and started to pleasure her hard, grabbing her tits for all he could, Sarah responding by moaning and grabbed his head and hair. The girls changed positions with their guys and started to suck their erect members, the guys for the first time felling the softness of the leather seats. The girls worked their men right up to the point of cumming and stopped! The guys sighed and were sexually frustrated. Veronica said we need more room in here to fuck, the guys agreed as all they wanted to do now was get laid! Veronica pointed out that if the guys break the windshield posts that they could bend the roof up and over and open the car up for massive fucking! They did not waste a minute and in a second the pillars where broken. Veronica and Sarah pushed the roof up and it bent over, the leather headliner stretching and ripping as they pushed it as it was never intended to go. The moist air now like rain inside the broken supercar covered the leather trim and made everything slick and wet. Veronica slammed her ass onto the wet backseat and grabbed for her man, she spit on her hand, lubed his dick and thrust it into her pussy, she screamed as his dick was so swollen from waiting. His muscular body slammed her into the leather of the seat and she put one hand on his back and tore at the seat with the other. Sarah slammed her man into her front seat and stroked his erect member rubbing her pussy at the same time. She could feel the precum leaking out of her pussy and cupped it into her hand and rubbed it onto his shaft. She slammed down and screamed as his dick tore into her pussy making her body convulse and quiver! Veronica tore some more leather from the seat and rubbed it on the back of her guy, he liked it and pulled his dick out (he was about to cum and wanted to hold it longer) and tore a piece of leather to rub against her wet pussy. She tensed up and slammed her hands down and onto the backseat, pushing her body deeply into the seat, her head pushing with all her strength into the headrest bending the bracing and making a dent into the foam inside. Veronica could feel the man's finger rub the glove soft leather on her pussy lips and her swollen clit, the juice lubing the leather and making her squirm in the seat. Veronica finally succumbed to the feelings and shot a large, hot bath of girl juice all over her suitor and he smiled and kissed her deeply. Sarah kept on banging down on her man, pushing him deeper into the ripped seat, making the tears larger with every thrust. His hot, sweaty body lubed against the leather was making squishing sounds as the seat contorted under them. Sarah came hard and squired her love juice all down the man's dick and coated his ball sack, the liquid pooling under them and soaking into the foam beneath them. Both girls switched guys at this point, Sarah sat on the backseat and stroked her man's dick, it got hard instantly, Veronica climbed on board the first class passenger seat ride and opened her pussy lips and slid down the man's cock. Veronica's breasts bounced up and down and the man grabbed them, her nipples still erect and the sweat covering her body and vinyl teddy. Sarah stuck her spiked heel into the side of the passenger seat tearing a big gash into the leather, her legs wide open now the man thrust his cock inside her wet pussy, she screamed as before, her pussy very sensitive by now from all this abuse. The girls orgasmed twice before the men just couldn't hold back any longer, they pulled out almost at the same time. Sarah tore a piece of the red leather and wrapped her man's cock in it and stroked that lubed shaft. The man grabbed the headrest of the backseat with both hands, squeezed it as hard as he could crushing the inside, deforming it completely, and came all over Sarah's tits and spandex. Veronicas man came as soon as she pulled up, her juice squirting on him and his cum flying up and falling onto the bottom of the seat. Veronica knelt down and licked up the cum from the leather between his legs and showed it to him on her tongue. She then tilted her head back and swallowed. The man slammed into the seatback bending it to the backseat, Veronica fell on top of him panting with exhaustion. Sarah used her hand to spread the cum all over her tits and belly, the spandex getting gooey wherever she touched. Sarah then got a surprise as her man ate out her pussy one more time, her sensitive vagina sending hard erotic signals to her brain, she almost pushed his head through the seat and to the floor as she had one more screaming orgasm. They both collapsed on the wet seat. The girls kissed the guys and asked if they would drive them home "of course ladies, that was the best sex we have ever had, would love to get to know you better". At this point Sarah looked at Veronica and said "we need to finish this in style". Veronica stood up on the backseat, her boot heels dug into the leather, facing to the rear she bent her knees and her ass stuck out of her torn fishnets, she let out a loud fart and pooped a nasty slime onto the backseat, she then peed on the leather backrest, steam rising from the two excrements. Sarah followed by standing on the torn passenger seat and started to pee a steaming stream, then she shot a stream of wet poo on the backrest. Sarah then pushed her heels into the wet poo some more mixing it with the torn foam tuning it brown. The guys helped the girls out of the car, placed them on the hood and then stood opposite each other on the doorways. They peed a hard smoking stream on the dashboard and the other got the two seats hosed down. The girls were impressed and Veronica took two pairs of shorts and two tops out of her bag, she pulled Sarah down on the hood and kissed her deeply, she then tore her spandex suit off and threw it onto the shit covered backseat, Sarah ripped the fishnets off Veronica, and stuffed them into the dashboard vents, she then removed her vinyl teddy and turned it upside down and pulled it over the wet passenger seat, ending with the headrest sticking out where the crotch was and rubbed the vinyl into the shit under it.
The girls dressed, the guys recovered their clothes and they all went to the guys SUV. The girls got in and asked if they knew of a good coffee shop open this late. Then Veronica pushed the air bladder button on her seat, grabbed at the leather seat bottom and said "nice car, comfy seats!".


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Technically this site isn’t for poop play but personally i don’t mind, i had to skim read but overall i really liked it. I wish in irl a passenger of mine would fee freely or #2 if they needed without telling me. Very good story 👍👍👍

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