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Have you ever done everyday things while peeing?

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3 hours ago, Wetling said:

Principalmente indiferente porque estamos fazendo muito isso quando andamos de mountain bike. Eles olham, e eu tento ter certeza de que eles podem ver minha boceta, mas fora isso, infelizmente não. 😉

it is always important for a pee exhibitionist that others can see all the details. It would be very interesting if he crouched down and looked very closely 

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16 hours ago, Rosita said:

Como é mais do que provável que eu me envolva em jardinagem com alguém que conheço bem, não me importaria nem um pouco.

He could just crouch down next to you to explain about a plant and just pee during the explanation and no one would care. 

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On 5/22/2023 at 10:35 PM, Wetling said:

Mostly indifferent because we're doing it a lot when mountain biking. They look, and I try to make sure they can see my pussy, but other than that, sadly no. 😉

I wouldn't have been able to resist at least touching your pussy if you obviously show her while pissing 😁

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Love peeing whilst I'm gardening or doing anything in the grounds around the house.

Our garden isn't overlooked so I'm able to just wet myself whenever the feeling hits 😊 I usually make sure I'm hydrated so the pee need is more frequent.

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There is some things I do that have already been mentioned, e.g. brushing teeth or riding my bicycle. Depending on what I wear and what floor or other "targets" I have underneath me, I also like to pee while sitting on the couch and talking on the phone or watching TV, or while working/gaming at my computer

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