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The art of peeing on walls

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I just found something interesting  🙂 (I think this has never been posted but I am not sure).


I always like creative ways of peeing, and long time ago next to the location where the local youth met to party and drink there was a massive concrete wall that served as a perfect canvas for pee art. However, we were not that creative and just wrote our names (or tried to)..

In the same blog I found another pee related post:


Here, people try to create a "pee letters on walls" alphabet. Also a fun idea. I have to say that I am very surprised by how their letters look, the ones that I saw on that concrete wall long time ago (and the ones that I tried to do myself) did not look anything like these. To me this looks a bit like someone was cheating with just spraying water against the wall, but anyway it is a fun idea and a fun blog post.

Btw. in the post they complain about that only men can do this. From some female members of our forum we know that of course there are also women that can do this. Also, in my opinion there is a very fun alternative that is much easier than peeing letters against a wall (and also much easier than peeing letters or art into snow): just find some large empty space that is covered with concrete or tarmac or any ground that changes color. Then at night just pee your letters or art onto the ground. I guess for women equipped with some shewee device (or similar) this is also possible (although probably more difficult) 🙂

(in case you want to see an example how this works just search for "peefans" and "tribute" 😉 )

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