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What word do you use?

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I think I mostly do not say it directly but more around the topic. Indoors I would say “going to the bathroom“ and during a hike I would tell the others to walk on while I stay behind a bit.

With my family or boyfriend I am more direct and would say that I need to pee.

I am German so the words are different. I dont know whether this is the right thread for this but here is a short list of german words for this and how they are used in my bubble:

Pinkeln - normal word for peeing, hear it all the time

Pissen - harsher than pinkeln, like the english pissing

Nase pudern - powdering the nose, hear it often by all genders, but always jokingly

Puschern, pieseln, bieseln - dialect, only used in vertain areas or by grandmas

Erleichtern - to make yourself lighter, commonly used. Often when someone comes back from the toilet someone asks: are you lighter now?

Pipi machen - to make pipi, only little children say that, like wee wee

There are a lot more but thats all I can think of right now.


PS: awesome thread for non native english people like me who want to write stories


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Here come some lessons in German 😁🟥🟨

In the normal everyday life we say: Ich muss mal (kurz) verschwinden (I have to disappear) what literally means I need to go to toilet - also simply Ich muss mal - I need to.

We also say when we are with friends or family: Ich muss pinkeln/pullern (I need to pee)

A lot more harsh: Ich muss pissen (I need to piss)

In the sexual area the word pee is barely used. Mostly pissing or a wordplay with champagne/sparkling wine. Watersports/golden showers are called Natursekt in German - natural sparkling wine. For example Ich gebe dir Natursekt aus der Quelle - I'll give you natural champagne directly from the source.


To myself I just say I need to or I need to pee.

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"I'll be right back" or something along the lines would be how I'd explain my absence in company. Outdoors, I'd go "behind the bushes".

I noticed that on the internet, you get softer porn when looking for "pee" and more hardcore watersports stuff under the "piss" moniker. I like that subtle distinction, but unfortunately it doesn't always work. We need a norming committee to define the right tags for the subcategories of our kink 😉

BTW: As a non-native speaker, I wonder what would be the right terms to use for the female genitals in different contexts. E.g. how harsh does "pussy" sound to a native (to me it sounds rather cute), does "vulva" evoke a medical context like being at the gyn etc.? Update: found the right post:


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Found post on female genitalia names
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I don’t tend to use the word, I usually say I need the toilet or just going to the toilet and outside I’d say I’m going to have to use the bushes. At most I might say I’m bursting or desperate for the toilet. In Here I tend to use the word pee. Piss occasionally but it’s a little harsher as is technically swearing like “piss off”. 

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