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What word do you use?

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At times I guess you use different words for it, but which do you use most regularly? I normally use 'pee' and occasionally 'piss', but I've heard all kinds of terms used before. For example, if you were saying to a friend that you had to go, what would you say? 'I need a wee', 'I need a slash' 'I've got to take a whiz'... what would it normally be?! :coffee:

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I would say '' I need to pee / to take a leak "

Well I have heard especially across the pond in the U.K. the term '' I need a wee " , which to me is both interesting and arousing to hear it said that way .:biggrin: I have also heard " I need to go tinkle " , '' Need to pop a squat " :) Those are only a few I have heard that appeal to me in hearing them . Though I suppose that there are many more out there that are used as well too :wink:

Yes, all terms I'm familiar with too, I'm sure there's plenty more as well. I agree that hearing a girl talk about 'weeing' or needing to 'tinkle' could actually be a little more arousing than saying it any other way, possibly because it sounds more innocent, I hadn't really thought about that before...

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I normally use 'wee' or 'pee' i think 'Piss' sounds a bit harsh coming out of the mouth of a girl...
I love hearing a sexy girl use the word piss! Espically when she is polite, innocent and we'll spoken! Makes her sound secretly naughty and dirty.
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If I'm talking to someone, it's usually "pee".

When I'm writing, it can be "pee" or if I'm getting excited "piss".

I agree withPeeGirl95, The word "piss" is a little harsh coming out of the mouth of a "lady"!

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I wonder how many terms are used almost exclusively by one gender? For example, I have never heard a girl say she is going for (or having) a 'slash' and no girl is ever going to 'point Percy at the porcelain'. Nor have I heard of any guys 'powdering their nose' or 'popping a squat'.

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I use standard terms, either "Piss/Pissing", "Pee/Peeing" or "Urine/Urinating", I'm from Italy and we got several ways (in our language) to indicate the "action" of pissing, for example "I'm gonna empty my bladder" is a quite polite one, or "I gotta piss" (obviously I translated 'em in English).

Either way, my favourite one is just Piss or Pissing.

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When speaking English, I prefer "pee" or, if i want to sound a bit more aggressive, "piss".

I also use "urinate" sometimes; I like how it remind me of the word "ruinate" (which I think only exists in the dictionary where i saw it) - just switch the first two letters.

Interestingly, this also works with the appropriate German words, which are "urinieren" and "ruinieren".

(Footnote: "Urine" and "Ruin" also exist in the German language wit the same meaning and (almost) the same spelling; in German it is"Urin", so it is one of the few words that are shorter then their English counterpart.

However, "ruin" (small case "r") only exists as "ruinieren" in German; and I think I just found another German word which is MORE then twice as long as the English counterpart... . ;))

Other words that come into mind would be "soaking" or "drenching", depending on the circumstances.

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In usual life,i say off for a slash,etc.I find the word "piss" kind of erotic,pee is like a functional term,piss gives it a naughty edge.Like if a kid said,they were off to pee,it would be ok,if they said "piss" its a bit more of an adult word,like in "piss off"..

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