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Any males here that piss for dominance?

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5 hours ago, NaughtyGold said:


I also do prefer public places for my little wet escapes. It is not so much about damaging anybody’s property in particular, but leaving lasting memories in most inappropriate places definitely turns me on since early teenage days. I know that it sounds weird for people outside of this community (and even to some folks here, who are more into different aspects of our “hobby”), but the fact that it is so dirty and wrong just gives me big satisfaction and wonderful sexual arousal every time. A like minded girl (and partner in crime) many years ago said that some people like parachuting to get their adrenaline, for others it is naughty peeing. So true!

I say for me it is more the thrill of not being caught and getting away with my mischiefs (like with ample marking of hotel furniture or train seats) rather than dominating anybody. I must confess though that it always makes me laugh inside when people complain about the leftover of my puddles. I once considered an elevator at a public transport station my territory. I made it a  nice routine to consider the cabin my pee box almost every time after a night out, which always felt amazing. But then using it the next morning with other people was even more fun 😜


I am of a similar mind to this. Domination is not what I am going for but having people walk though a giant puddle of piss or see wet marks all over a wall gives my cock a twitch. Hotels don't do much because there is no feeling of risk for  me. On the other hand there are times where I fully embrace the risk and pull it out to casually piss in front of other people but that requires the right time and place.

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On 5/14/2023 at 6:51 PM, marking my territory said:

   Are there any males here that actively piss on/in places to mark it? Maybe you pee against your car tire every morning before going into work? 

   Do you use it to control or dominate someone, maybe unknowingly spraying a bit of piss on another person's bag or something.

   Or maybe just fantasize about it?

Well I could say it's part of my kink.

I ve peed many car tires and as I m a person of habit I tend to do it on the same places. Like leaving a track lol.

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