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Desperate in front of the plumber

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3 hours ago, Sophie said:

My boiler broke this weekend! A plumber came over on Sunday to give me a quote for a new one, and some other work I wanted doing while he was at it, and I decided to have a little fun with it. I was feeling really naughty and I loved the idea of being very visibly desperate in front of him. To make things even more exciting, @gldenwetgoose set me a little mission. I had to tell him I was bursting for a wee! I knew he was arriving Sunday evening so I made sure to start filling up nice and early. When he text me to say he was on his way I was at a 7/10, with 11 being peeing uncontrollably. He showed up a little later and I was at an 8/10. Already jiggling when I answered the door and let him in!

As we walked around the house and I showed him my old boiler, and various cupboards and what I wanted doing, I found it increasingly difficult to pay attention to what he was telling me, all I could think about was how badly I needed to pee, and how sexy I felt. There was no doubt I was bursting. I wasn’t bent over double with a hand squeezed between my legs but I could not stand still at all and I kept crossing my legs, switching which leg I was putting my weight on.

I love being heard while I am peeing. After about 45 minutes we was stood at the airing cupboard and the bathroom was *right there* it was the perfect opportunity. Too good to miss. I knew this was my moment. And to be perfectly honest, I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer. If I was any more desperate seeing the toilet would have been the straw that broke the camels back.

“Sorry… can you excuse me one minute - I’m absolutely bursting for a wee”
“Of course. Don’t let me stop you”

I closed the door behind me and locked it before walking over to the toilet, my heart beating out of my chest. I unfastened my tight jeans, shimmying them down to my knees before lowering my lace thong into them. I usually pull them down in one motion as I sit but I wanted to take my time and enjoy the moment. Once my clothes were pulled down I sat far back on the seat, leaning forward slightly with my hands together near my knees and tried to relax. I knew the tradesman was still outside and it really excited me, I *love* being heard but the excitement made it hard to have a wee! After a short while a loud tinkling rang out as I finally started weeing, I knew he would be able to hear my stream hitting the water and it excited me so much. I know I was hidden away in the bathroom but I was sharing such a private moment with him. He knew I was weeing, it was unmistakable. It really turned me on. Adding to the incredible experience was the relief, I couldn’t hold back a small sigh as I began to feel the pressure easing on my bladder. It was so nice being able to just relax and let it go, not having to worry about anything. I was on a toilet, I didn’t have to worry about being caught or peeing on my shoes, I could just let my body go into autopilot and do what it needed to do. However, it was the excitement that had taken centre stage. With the way my heart was racing you would think he was stood in the bathroom with me! My wee was still tinkling away loudly and I was loving every second of it. It just seemed never ending, showing no signs of stopping as the steady golden stream continued to flow over my labia and into the water below. I estimate it was nearly a minute before my wee started to slow down to a quick dribble and finally drips. I sighed again as I took some toilet paper, wrapping it twice around my hand before tearing it off and reaching between my legs to wipe front to back. Instead of dropping it into the bowl like I usually would, I kept hold of it and stood up, looking behind me at the water. It was a beautiful amber, a pale golden colour. Looking at the tissue I could see it was damp where I had wiped myself (something I wish to explore further). I dropped the tissue into the water, watching it becoming saturated as I pulled up my thong and jeans before It was whisked away as I flushed. I quickly washed my hands and left the bathroom, my face burning a deep red. I absolutely loved being heard weeing, but I also suddenly went incredibly shy. I managed to mutter a small “Thanks...” before he went back to discussing boilers and pipes and all sorts of other complicated things. He didn’t seem at all phased by what had just happened but I was so, so turned on. He was with me for another 15 minutes or so and I don't think I stopped blushing once.

Fantastic! I would have been so turned on if I was that workman! 

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Amazing! What a fun time that was @Sophie 🙂. I can almost hear your pee from here, now. You describe thing so beautifully. It doesn't seem as though the plumber realised what the situation was doing to you, but it doesn't matter does it? You really enjoyed it. I hope the sexy feelings continued after he'd gone 😉

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Another fantastic post @Sophie.   You spoil us with your descriptions and it sounds like you spoiled him, even if he didn't show any signs of appreciating it.

If I'm ever near a toilet that I know that a lady is peeing there, I'm always as quiet as I can be and try to listen out.   If I'd been in the position of the boiler man,  being pretty much right outside the door, and for you to announce your need, saying you were bursting and then making a loud and long pee into the toilet, that would have totally made my day.   Like @satisfied said, I would not have been able to resist saying something when you came out - something like "Sorry but I couldn't help but hear and it sounded like you really needed that!"

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I’d also be in that group of desperately wanting to express my empathy, appreciation etc over your relief. 

I guess in the context of a first meeting with you, and one where he was hoping to win the business of installing your new boiler then he had to be on best behaviour with no risk of saying anything which ‘some’ could assume creepy.

Perhaps down the line, if he did get the job, there’s potential for more chat on the subject ?

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5 hours ago, Sophie said:

I absolutely love the idea for more chat on the subject but I really don't know how. I can't exactly say "Can you remember that time I had a wee with you listening? Well, I planned it and it really turned me on" I really want to talk about it but I don't know how to bring up the subject.

It might only be another mention of weeing that's needed, and not an awkward admission of your arousal. Something like "I suppose I should have had a wee before you arrived this time, but I haven't. I hope you didn't think badly of me when I was impersonating Niagara Falls last time. But it was so needed ... you know, almost orgasmic! I was thinking about it all the time you were here, I'm surprised you didn't realise how much I was blushing!"

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On 1/26/2023 at 11:19 AM, Sophie said:

I absolutely love the idea for more chat on the subject but I really don't know how. I can't exactly say "Can you remember that time I had a wee with you listening? Well, I planned it and it really turned me on" I really want to talk about it but I don't know how to bring up the subject.

Something to be really careful about,  because it would be very easy for the guy to think you were coming on to him,  and I would guess that you don't want him to think that.

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