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Favorite place to catch someone peeing?

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Peeing at the beach (in the sea, or on the sand).  My favourite because women will often pee through their swimwear.  But you have to be at the right beach.

Second favourite is at festivals, where women can become quite uninhibited about peeing on the ground, sometimes in surprisingly public places.  But you have to be at the right festival.

Third favourite is in the city centre at night.  But you have to be in the right place.

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Definitely in the woods like off a atv trail just enough to “hide” or side of the highway beside the car or in a bush attempting to get cover but still being able to see or not even hiding at all, just the raw sight of her pulling her pants down, squatting outdoors like that and peeing in the middle of no where is very hot! plus the evidence of a puddle and tissue left on the ground is a nice bonus to see and also a turn on 

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The two greatest places I have ever 'caught' women peeing were the cinema, and the library (The inspiration for my obsession with women peeing on carpets, between the bookcases, in libraries). 

The cinema experience was in a near empty cinema.  I was alone in the back, three 'girls' were seated in front of me and the little blonde who peed was off to the side with a big guy in a cowboy hat.  The cinema had a concrete floor and it was loud 😁  There were bars nearby and they were clearly drunk as skunks.  

Libraries are probably one of the places with the lowest probability of catching some women peeing on the floor in the entire world.  I was in the basement of a large University library when I spotted a girl squat between the bookcases.  I admit that I barely got much of a glimpse because I was looking through a bookcase, and I just sort of saw her go down.  If it were not for the wet spot she left on the floor I would not have known.  But I did overhear them discussing peeing between the bookcases later.  The one girl was telling the other that she was squatting and going when this guy came around the corner -- and she could not stop!  And another time later I came down the stairs when this fat 'graduate student?' was bawling one of the girls out.  He would not stop he was going on and on!  To him it seemed to be some huge deal.  What an idiot!

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Location: Hard surfaces where it leaves a puddle-- parking lots, alleys, between cars etc. Its also great when its a grey area between indoors and outdoors (nice garages) etc..

Situations: Parties or big events are my favorite. I like it when people pick a location naturally because they really have to go. In these situations you get people pushing their norms in terms of where they will pee. 

I'm also really attracted to european locations that remind me of my youth-- autobahn park platz, beaches and parks in france and spain, streets and sidewalks in Spain. 

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