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So this is new.

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So I've just found out my partner has a fetish for girls peeing in public and either being caught and embarrassed or not giving a damn and doing it in front of people. 

She was kinda embarrassed about it at first... It's either the humiliation or the having no shame that turns her on. She flits from one to the other. 

A few nights ago she asked if she could pee in my mouth and despite having never done anything like this before I loved it and so did she. So I guess we are just exploring this new kink now. 

If anybody has any video suggestions. Drop them in here... If that's allowed?


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Hi and a huge welcome to Peefans - great that you're able to explore this with her help together.

In terms of videos, you'll find there's already lots of pee video content on the site - or female pee the area to browse is Pee Videos or also Pee Pictures (the Video Gallery is part of our subscription member service).  There's also the Pee Talk & Questions area and the Real Pee Experiences where you'll find lots to read and maybe get involved with.

Hope that helps, do shout up with any questions as you go - and welcome in.

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