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Male Dick/Cock of the Day

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3 hours ago, Lennys_wet_now said:

A fantastic cock, can't beat being smooth (that's another thread).

Great foreskin too.

Ty for the compliment! Like i said i don't think too much of it, as long as it keep pleasing my partners 😁😁

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1 hour ago, AsianGuy said:

For some reason the pictures don't show up, any ideas to rectify this?

The only thing I can think of at this time is the file extension of the pictures.  .JPG and .JPEG are the most common. When you try to upload a pic, you should see a box popup that informs you about the extensions permitted.

This is a quote from the PeeFans help guide. 

"How to upload - You can only upload images. This is done by pressing the 'choose files' when making a post/thread which is found under the main textbox you type in. To upload videos, please upload to a video hosting site without popups (such as eroprofile, erome, pornhub etc) and share the link in the relevant place on the forum."

I also found this ...

"The only files you can attach in here are small image files, max size is 2.1 meg.

Allowed file types are: zip, txt, PDF, jpg, JPEG, gif, flv.

Unless you can make an animated gif under 2.1 meg, or convert it to an .flv file, same size, then you can't do it.

These options are shown when you select "Upload a File"

Maybe more experienced members have other suggestions and maybe the Admins. could help you if you contact them.

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