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Peeing around Horses, Stables, Barns and Trailers

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52 minutes ago, FlyingthedreamUK said:

Not long after getting my driving license I used to help out on a local farm/stables, driving a tractor around, raking fields and general work around the yard.

My neighbour used to keep her horse at the same farm and we would often cycle there together. She would always wear jodhpurs and ankle riding boots whenever she went to the yard unless she was in a competition but she always looking immaculate (at least when she arrived at the yard).

There was a dozen stables at the farm but only one toilet that was attached to one of the old barns over the other side of the yard. I worked there for a few years but when I first started working there I found it strange that I only ever saw a few girls going in and out. The vast majority never went near it.

One day I was helping my neighbour with her horse and asked her why no one ever uses the toilet. She proceeded to tell me that quite often, when out on a long ride, many of the girls would often stop to have a wee or……. then without saying another word, unfastened her jodhpurs, sliding them down a little and squatted in front of me with a smile. Shortly after I could hear the unmistakable hiss of her stream hitting the concrete below and puddle quickly forming between her feet.

Not a single word was said between us. I was literally hypnotised by what I was witnessing!

Once she was finished she stood up, pulling her Jodhpurs back up and fastening them again. Looking at the puddle she had created I made a comment about how it looked like she’d really needed to go. She just giggled and said “does that answer your question?” With a naughty look in her eyes. Still speechless I just nodded.

My mind was literally still spinning and on the way home I started to ask her questions. She told me that she would often have a wee in the stable and would often wait until she really needed to go. Enjoying the feeling of freedom it gave her and excited at the knowledge she was doing something that she shouldn’t.

Needless to say that this opened up a whole new world and the next two years were just amazing. 

Wow! What a fantastic experience... What a girl!

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11 hours ago, ppppppp said:

My sister used to go on cross-country 'hacks' with her friends from when they were 18-19.  They would be out for hours.  From overheard conversations I know that they used to dismount to pee together in fields and woods when they were out riding.

That sounds familiar...

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