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Unexpected: Wife peed outside.

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Fabulous @Alfresco! Thanks so much for telling us about it ... sounds like a great drive home - and I am sure Mrs A would have enjoyed the relief of going, and how considerate you were to shield her as best you could. Fingers crossed she doesn't mind doing it again in the future!

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Goodness this is a great story. I can shut my eyes and imagine it as if I was there.

As my wife is the same, I fully understand the longing for them to do it and then the magic when it does happen. I've already written about my own similar experience as yours here, the difference being my wife was caught mid flow but was so desperate she did not care and carried on pissing.

It's promising for you @Alfresco because your wife merely commenting positively on the experience suggests some newfound comfort. That was what my wife did after her desperation episode and she is alot more happy to stop and have a wee now for the sake of comfort. In the past it was openly stated only would happen in the event of absolute desperation and no toilets. The other exception being a marriage gift!

I hope you can find a gentle way of encouraging her and showing your appreciation so that she does it more for you to write about. Yours and @Sophie descriptions of your experiences are my favourites to read about because of the attention to detail in what you see/what sophie does. Wish I could share a recording of my wife as token of my appreciation to you as I know you'd both enjoy it but it is on strict agreement for my  eyes only!

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Thanks @tatstatsort.   I always like to know that people appreciate the effort of putting in the details.   I could have just written a two line summary that said that my day was made when my wife who doesn't regularly pee outside had to get me to stop so she could pee behind the car.   But that doesn't do it justice and I think the details help make it much more meaningful.   I totally agree regarding @Sophie - I love her descriptions of her peeing experiences.

I am optimistic that Mrs A may relax her restrictions on peeing outside, but I am sure it will remain to be only when she is 100% sure she won't get caught or because she is too desperate to be able to avoid it.   I will definitely be encouraging her and telling her not to worry too much if there is a small risk of being caught.

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@AlfrescoI think we would all if our significant others were more indulgent of our pee interests. That being said, isn't there a sort of added excitement/eroticism when it happens knowing she did not plan it and really didn't want it to? I feel like my ideal is someone who prefers not to do it, but she naturally gets herself in some bad spots from time to time.

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You're right @The99Club - when something isn't everyday, but is a treat then it is all that more special.

The other factor is we all love everything about pee - but for our loved ones it can be just a bodily function, a nuisance, an embarrassment and a potential humiliation.  In @Alfresco's case and mine once upon a time, our partners know we enjoy - but there is the risk that patience wears thin and becomes a source of friction.  Voice of experience speaking, and hope I've taken that one for the team so Alfresco doesn't have to.

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