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Places I’ve pissed

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On 11/4/2022 at 6:27 AM, Simpfan said:

Love the view and knowing it didn't get wasted in a toilet. Beautiful equipment, or should I say handsome cock? 

I'd say that's a handsome cock, and a beautiful piss stream.

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Today has been fun - I got started decorating the front of my house for Christmas, and was still in my gym gear from this mornings bootcamp. 

I then went to the Christmas store to pick up a few lights and needed to piss. I figured I was in black compression shorts under my gym shorts so they would do most of the absorbing. As I walked around the store I let out spurts of piss and then as I walked out the door let out a big burst.

I then went to a public toilet with the intention of pissing on myself, it was somewhat busy (and I ended up giving a man a handjob under the stall wall) and then as I sat on the toilet pissed on myself a bit. I had a bit more in me, so went to the urinal where there was already a little puddle. So I just made it bigger. 

And it’s only just lunch time! 






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