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The most desperate I’ve ever felt

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Damn this is a turn on! How big was the cup, and how many times did you piss in it. I'm thinking it must have been on the smaller side, but I remember my gf filling up a big gulp cup with her piss when she refused to piss on the side of the road in public, so I told her to just piss on the floor. I think that floor has seen at least 3 big gulps worth of piss and its still like new.


If you were in my car, I'd allow you to go all over the center console and dashboard.

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I think it was about 2009, late Summer. My wife and I were returning to CO from a trip to North Western NM. We had a rental car and going across from NM to still rural CO, there were precious few little towns to stop in. We were going across a desert area heading for the next town and there was no place to stop to pee and we both really needed to pee badly. Since it was a rental car I didn't want to just let go and have to shampoo the seats and carpets before turning the car in! We both were squirming under the pressure when we finally made it to a small convenience store on the very outer edge of the destination town. We both bolted for the restrooms. That was before I got the brilliant inspiration to keep an empty Gatorade bottle for each of us on trips. My wife is not confident she could actually use it and not miss peeing in it but so far we haven't had to find out. Though a few months ago I was solo coming back from the Northern part of our state and driving on the interstate I really needed to pee badly. I actually managed to get my shorts loose enough and my briefs down enough to pee into the bottle and keep driving. Major relief and no spills. I peed almost a full 20 ounces! So the emergency bottle worked for me. If my wife had been along don't know if she would have tried. She usually wears an incontinence pad so she may have just trusted it to absorb the most of it. It was our car so no problem shampooing the seats if it came to that!😁

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