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Sneaky new way to pee by the road

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For what its worth, I think this is the correct section for this thread as it is an individual's personal experience.

I think it is potentially a good way to publicly pee while on the road.  However, if a police car came upon you while you were on the side of the road they likely would have stopped to offer assistance which almost certainly would have ended badly.

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I always done it at the side of the car with the door open or nip into the bush. But did do the same but at the boot end that way people don’t run over to help thinking you’ve broken down and catching you out mid peeing at lay-bys. 

plus lay-by pee seems to be the norm. I do it all the time and sometimes I sit there for a while to eat or take a break and see others pee there.

but side of the road no, too public. You said shoulder do you mean the motorway hard shoulders? If so that is a risky move but I did have to do an “emergency pee” on shoulder once, and peed 2 or 3 times at a motorway pit stop  car park.


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@thisguy20good point about police, although I hopefully could have stopped quick enough before the actually walked up to the car. And it definitely beats the side of the car with the doors open where everyone knows you’re definitely peeing. 

@Wolfpeeive actually been curious about this terminology for awhile as I wasn’t totally sure what the British folks meant by “lay by”. I did some googling and determined that what the British call a “layby” is what we in the USA call a “turnout”. That is, basically an area of hard shoulder much wider than typical hard shoulder (generally at least two car widths) whereas a normal hard shoulder is only 1.25 car widths or so. 
In this case, I did pee on the hard shoulder specifically. Are you thinking risky from a physical safety standpoint or from a getting caught by passerby perspective? Probably a bit of both. Normally on long drives I will pull off onto an exit ramp and pee at the side of the car with the doors open on the hard shoulder of the exit ramp as that achieves lower speed traffic for safety and far fewer chances of being seen, especially since I try and pick a rarely-used exit. This time though, I wanted to do a riskier pee for fun 😉 and also curious how convincing the method would be for tricking passerby. 
Turnouts/lay by are definitely common places to pee in the USA as well, but depending on the highway, there sometimes aren’t any or they are very infrequent. How prevalent are laybys in the UK?

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I have used many lay-bys to pee.  Usually I just position myself on the side of the car away from the road and pee.   Sure, people driving by probably know what I'm doing, but many people do the same and nobody is likely to say anything when they whiz past at 60mph plus.   Sometimes I will open the passenger side door and sit on the edge of the passenger seat with one leg in the car and one leg outstretched and pee onto the tarmac like that.  Sometimes I head into the bushes if there are any.  Just depends how I feel.    However, the open bonnet or boot trick does sound worth a go.

For those who are having difficulty imagining what we Brits mean my lay-bys, here are some examples.   The first two are what I would call typical format lay-bys where the road has a bit to the side and some hatchings or different coloured tarmac to separate the parked cars from the live lane.    They are usually wide enough cars can pass each other in the lay-by without encroaching on the live lane.   This allows for cars to enter and leave in any order, so you don't have to wait for the car in front of you to leave and also allows you to get up to speed before joining the main road.    These lay-bys are generally on what we call 'A' Roads.   So they won't be on motorways but are usually on primary routes.   They often have trees or bushes alongside which make for great impromptu toilets and there is often evidence that they have been used as such.   However, be warned, sometimes you can be caught out when you find that actually there is a fence hiding there and you can't get into the bushes.   In that case you have to decided whether to move on to another lay-by or just pee in a more exposed position.



Some lay-bys are somewhat larger and they have a road that goes away from the main road.  These have a full divider between the road and the lay-by.   Often occupied by lots of vegetation.   These lay-bys have the advantage of being more hidden from the main road, but the disadvantage that more people stop there (bigger sparking space) so you will generally have a larger audience - although maybe that's a good thing depending on your point of view.


Then of course you have unofficial lay-bys.   These tend to be on minor roads where people regularly pull off the road onto the grass in the same place and soon the grass becomes dirt rather than grass.   Once a few people start to use that same place, the surface quickly changes and then it attracts more people to stop there and so soon you have an established but unofficial lay-by, which is also a handy place to stop for a pee.  Usually in these cases I would wander into the trees to pee:


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11 hours ago, ChrisS said:

How prevalent are laybys in the UK?


@ChrisS thanks for explaining. I always find it confusing I’m sure you do too, with all our difference.  XD  and yeah I supposed it a bit of everything passerby of other people and maybe cctvs. But I supposed people don’t really care as they are too focused on driving or unless they know what to look for.


it’s pends on what road you take or where you go sometimes on country sides but mostly on A roads tends to have a lot of lay-bys on route.  I try and use A road and not freeways. 

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Also to add to the terminology a bit...

In the UK we have motorways (M... numbered) and then A and B roads, along with unclassified roads.

Our Motorways are the fast autobahn or expressway equivalents, typically three live lanes and usually with a continuous hard shoulder wide enough to hold a vehicle without it encroaching on the live lanes.  Stopping on the hard shoulder or in the lanes is illegal except in emergency, and not particularly safe with live traffic wizzing past at 70mph a few feet away.  Much of the network is camera monitored with police and traffic control officers to pick up on any stopped vehicles.  Some sections of motorway now have been converted to 'smart' motorways where there isn't a hard shoulder at all, but signs above the lanes and small emergency refuge spots.  Dedicated service stations are located usually about 20-30 miles apart - I've often pissed in the car parks, especially at night.  

Then A roads are as @Alfresco described - they were the main inter-town routes before the motorways and still are off the motorway routes.  They are less restricted, in terms of stopping for example and have the lay-bys to one side of the road or the other.  That varies a little according to how built up the area is.  As an example I drove pretty much coast to coast from the M6 motorway near the northern western English city of Carlisle across the A69 to Newcastle in the north east. Most of it is very rural, passing through a couple of villages and not much more, but with lay-bys every few miles.   (Amusingly for us the lay-bys are indicated with a blue sign carrying the letter 'P').   As well as the parking areas there are also the occasional fuel station or cafe.   Also from time to time derelict cafes and closed businesses which could offer an impromptu spot for a bit of outdoor fun too.


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I probably pee in laybys every day while I'm at work. I do have a 50ft truck to hide me so I don't care about peeing in broad daylight. 

I have had to run to the hedge before while I was in my car. I was stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident and when I ran up the embankment, I was meet with a chorus of "we know what your doing" from all the other car drivers that were stuck. I was too desperate to care and just peed in front of them all but kept my back to them

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58 minutes ago, LovesToWet said:

I was meet with a chorus of "we know what your doing" from all the other car drivers that were stuck

That's funny, but I bet it wasn't long before some of them had to do the same.


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Just as a quick follow up to the lay-by thing and just how common it can be...

Last Thursday night I was travelling along a UK 'A-road' and took advantage of a lay-by myself for a wonderful evening pee.  You can read about it here...  https://peefans.com/topic/24584-where-is-the-most-public-place-y’all-have-peed/?do=findComment&comment=338732

Today I drove back along the same road towing our caravan...   at a similar point, but on the opposite side of the road (i.e. in the direction I was travelling) was another lay-by with a few cars stopped.   This time I didn't need to pee, there wasn't room for my car and caravan and anyway I had my wife beside me.

The first car I passed though was an old 4x4 and it's owner, an old guy in country tweed trousers, jacket and flat cap was standing behind the car in the lay-by, facing the grass verge so almost with his back to me as I passed.  He was motionless, looking absolutely as though he was either about to pee or had just finished.  No visible stream, but not really any other reason for him to be stood there.

In the same lay-by was another car parked with someone stood by the open passenger door.  At that point the lay-by had a verge of longish grass which evidently fell towards a farmers field, as I passed I could see another person's head down at by the fence to the field.  It could have been a child, a man or a woman, I have no idea.  It could have just been a leg stretch, they could have had a dog on a lead,  it could have been someone having a wee - I didn't see enough to tell.

But definitely when out on the roads, lay-bys are a 'convenient' stopping place.

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Another way to "pee by the road" is at a gas station.  For example, I went to fill up a while ago at a station that had its cameras on the building aimed at the pumps. My trunk was away from the building, so I opened the trunk and stood there, pretending to do something in the trunk, but peeing a lot.  I was visible from the road, but wasn't concerned about that.

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Ah yes, I have also peed at a gas station. In fact me, my girlfriend, and a male friend of mine all peed at the same time! We had gone inside to see about a bathroom but the line was long so we looked at each other, shrugged and all went outside around the backside of the building. We all pissed there into the dirt before heading back to the car. 

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4 hours ago, walanuk said:

Similar idea, but I’ve done the same crouched beside a wheel. Looks like you’re looking at something as long as the rapidly forming puddle isn’t seen 🤣

I've done this.  I kneel next to a front wheel on the non-traffic side and keep my rearward knee up, so it shields my dick and aim my stream under the fender, which also happens to be where the air-conditioner condensed water drips out.

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