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Gift ideas for pee fans

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11 minutes ago, Alfresco said:

Love these - particularly the statue.   Also love that on the linked page where it shows the construction process, there are three pics of the model posing for the body cast where it shows her totally nude and in pose, which confirms that the statue is an accurate model of a real person.  Firstly she is posed ready for the cast and then it shows her covered in the moulding material and finally she poses nude again next to the finished cast. Also interesting how her bush has grown between the first and third pics.  Nice job for the guy plastering her with moulding material.  Shame she didn't demonstrate the peeing to help in establishing the accuracy of the stream direction and strength (or maybe she did but they thought that was too much for the website).  Nice detail of her vulva on the resultant statue as well.

full-body-cast-resin-peeing-fountain-10z-768x1024.thumb.jpg.dbb068890a7a20ecb818461bba34e54c.jpg  full-body-cast-resin-peeing-fountain-10y-768x1024.thumb.jpg.5ce9e80c105a3eb3c636e46cf9a6ab2f.jpg full-body-cast-resin-peeing-fountain-10s-768x1024.thumb.jpg.64537df16185957876e710cce2a02a60.jpg

Certainly a lady with few inhibitions 😊

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