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Hi from canada

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Hey everyone. I’m a 19 male from canada. I am a little new to the pee kink. So far I am loving vids of others peeing, sending vids or me peeing, and wetting clothes. If anyone wants to chathit me up

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Hi @Ronnoc172 - and a slightly belated welcome to the site - I guess you've been finding your way around ok, and great to see you contributing to the site.

You've probably gathered that we're not really the type of place for one-to-one swapping of content, or to an extent even the one to one chats - although that is possible of course.  But instead we're a forum based community.  Sharing is possible by posting in the forums as I'm sure you've seen. In the case of videos they have to be hosted elsewhere, but links can be shared in the same way.

Just shout up with any questions.

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Hey @Ronnoc172 , I too enjoy looking at videos and photos of women peeing. 
For some reason I get really turned on when I see a girl pee either in a toilet or squatting somewhere outside, like there’s something so natural yet kind of erotic peeing outside or watching another person pee outside. 

if you want we can totally chat in the dms.

hope you enjoy the site.

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