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My Crazy Pee Family

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26 minutes ago, AbbyLuna said:

No it’s was always easy because nudity part is not as big but the peeing part I used to use their bathroom sinks but it’s was very rare that I go for sleepovers because I’m introverted and mostly stick to my self 

I can’t speak for everyone else here but I do pee in bathroom sinks quite often. Flushing a toilet is using a ridiculous amount of water to get rid of a little bit of pee

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53 minutes ago, AbbyLuna said:

Well we lived together since my grandma  grandma owned a 7 bedroom house but my aunt and mom got their own houses 

We pee anywhere where standing 

What is the floor in your home? Carpet or other? Do you all clean up the piss messes or leave them to soak in?

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4 hours ago, AbbyLuna said:

Yes a lot of times here a list

1. Hospital 

2. Park

3. School 

4. Movie theater 

5. Dressing room

6. Bus

7. Cars

8. McDonald’s

9. Photo Booth

10. Library 

11. Ikea

12. Walmart

13. Clothing store 


Where did you pee in school? 

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Just joining thread. Absolutely never use toilet at home! Sometimes I just let go on the kitchen floor, especially in the summer if I’m wearing then shorts I just wet them. Or if I don’t want to do all clean up I also have a bucket in there to piss in. My wife likes to watch but I do it so much that it’s not special now. I just do it while we’re talking or preparing dinner. Very natural. 

looking forward to hearing about your other adventure Abby! Do you ever just wet yourself in public? 

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22 minutes ago, AbbyLuna said:

In my final year of high school the restrooms were packed so my school had this hill leading up to the old practice football field and the where some bleachers that hiding spot so I lowered into a squat and pee there

That doesn’t sound too bad. Did you get caught/in trouble for that?

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