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So I drank a cup of coffee and 3 cups of water earlier this morning. The pressure had built by 11am and I headed to the garage for a fun piss. We had some garden furniture delivered at the weekend which arrived in some large boxes. Needless to say the boxes got wet. I loved the noise! Might do it again tomorrow 😁



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Just adding in my other videos from erome. You may already have seen these. 

Wrecking my bathroom

My favorite garage stairs


some more garage stairs


Flooding the kitchen floor


Piss marking a public restroom


piss fountain in my bathroom


piss in the garage sink


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6 hours ago, mickymoist said:

Loving the commando in dark shorts, one of my favourite things to do as well 👍🏻

Yes. Lots of fun to do in public too. I have a pair of old smelly trainers that I use when out. 

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2 hours ago, Peeteller said:

I'm tempted to pee all over my bathroom, without moving around all the things that would be soaked. 

Yes that would be lots of fun! Clean up would be a pain though. The bathroom I use is almost empty so clean up is easy

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17 hours ago, peemike63 said:

Went on a walk this morning, road was quiet so I managed to achieve a piss goal and pissed in middle of the road. Was very nervous and also exciting! Had to end quickly when I heard someone coming. 


Doing that has been on my "bucket list" for  a long time. Maybe someday when I'm in the right place at a good time. I've managed to do a small piss in the street between 2 parked cars.

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11 hours ago, Simpfan said:

Was kind of expecting to see if you would fill that bucket to your left. Either way, nice peeing. 

LOL - you're right I should have - missed opportunity!  Next time .......

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