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Football (soccer)

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As an Aussie, I support any English Premier League team that have Aussie players. Unfortunately, Australians are thin on the ground in the EPL at the moment, so I've been following Celtic in the Scottish Premier League because they have an Aussie manager, Ange Postecoglou. When he coached in Australia, Postecoglou's particular strength was signing players who had been overlooked by other clubs, and turning what looked like an average squad into a premiership winning team. Now he's doing the same thing at Celtic. The best players want to play in the big European leagues, not the SPL, but Postecoglou finds players from all over the place who complement each other and who last season formed a title winning team.

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Not really a massive football fan. My own local club - Plymouth Argyle - is nowhere near the top  flight and a bit hit and miss in terms of performances.

But I want to say something positive for women's football. It is really starting to take off here in the UK, following the success of the England women's football team in winning the European championships, watched by a crowd of nearly 90,000 in Wembley stadium and many millions at home. They were an inspiration, but the opposing side Germany was a top class team who have won it many times, and England needed a lot of luck on their side. That Germany's top player pulled a muscle immediately before the match was very bad luck for them.

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1 minute ago, James_erased said:

Woking for me - no, don’t ask how we got on today 🤣 

(currently on my way home from York as we speak.. lovely city, that!)

Hey I know that feeling. I support Southampton and we didn’t fair to well today either 

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8 minutes ago, Northern_pee said:

Hey I know that feeling. I support Southampton and we didn’t fair to well today either 

Oh yeah, I’ve just checked your result - yikes 😬 I guess it reminds me it could always be worse, eh? 🤣 then again, at least your result came against Spurs as opposed to bloody York ahaha

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