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pissy times with my pregnant friend

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A public service definitely.  The more ladies realise that it is OK and natural to pee outside, the better.   I am also sure that you enjoyed both the experience of seeing your friend peeing and the opportunity to demonstrate that you pee outside in a natural situation.   I dare say you will not hesitate to do the same with her again in the future and now she has seen you peeing, you could instigate it without any concerns.

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On 7/4/2022 at 6:44 PM, weequeen said:

One of my best friends is pregnant and she overshares everything about it, and a lot of it has been how much she's had to pee. For example saying how she has to fill her bladder before ultrasounds and nearly bursts on the table, or how she has to wake up several times a night to pee and how sometimes she hardly makes it to the toilet. We also work together so during the day she will say to me "I need to pee so bad" and rush to the bathroom. We've also been on the phone and she will take a piss in the toilet while we're talking and I hear it to my delight. I've heard enough that when she pees, she pees a LOT.

Anyway, there was an exciting development recently. We were outside at a park hanging out, and friend who is a good seven months pregnant was hit with the overwhelming urge to pee and there was no bathroom in sight. Myself I had to pee but I'm skilled at holding so I wasn't at bursting levels yet, but my friend was very desperate, the whole squirming around and holding her crotch dance. I convinced her it would be best to squat and let it go where we were - there wasn't anyone else around, and if there did happen to be someone come up upon us then it would be fine since there weren't toilets to use anywhere. It was a nature trail at the park so there were plenty of trees etc to make us not be in the open. She was unsure but had to go badly, she was laughing and said how she was starting to leak. I said I how I had to pee too and would it make her feel better if I went at the same time. She said yes and then she lifted her dress and pulled her underwear to her knees - she wasn't really sure how to arrange herself since it was her first time peeing outside so I showed her how to angle herself. We squatted facing each other a few feet apart. I started peeing first and she looked at my pissing pussy and then it was like a damn burst and her pee came out in a thick strong stream, arcing a little from the pressure of it. I spread my lips some so I would aim a bit further, our forming puddles almost meeting. She moaned in relief at the release of her bladder. I finished first but I stayed squatting while she continued to pee, it went on and on, she really was bursting to go! The stream stayed strong but pee was also dripping off her labia lips. Eventually it slowed to a drizzle, then nothing.

She was a little embarrassed after and said something how she peed so much - she absolutely soaked the ground in front and under her. I said that's natural and I said I had to go a little bit more, since I can usually squirt out a bit more out of the tank after a good pee. There was gush I pushed out and she then tried and did the same which made her laugh. She then said she didn't have anything to wipe with and I said just shake off a bit and then pull her underwear back on, it'll dry and be fine. She did. 

We didn't have to pee anymore for the rest of the day but later that night she text me saying that it was fun and now she isn't afraid to be out and having to pee where there's no bathrooms! My duty is done haha.

This is a very hot story. It would be hard for me to think of one, and this one is real! I wonder how much your friend pissed when she wasn't pregnant. The baby squeezes the bladder a little and reduces its capacity. Usually pregnant women pee frequently. Since you both didn't have to pee by the end of the day, I guess you were in this park in the evening. How long can you go without peeing?

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