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Someone ask you to piss in a bottle

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How would you react if someone would just walk up to you with a wide mouth bottle and ask you to pee in it? At the street or at the public toilet, concert... anywhere.

Be honest, would you do it for a person you have never seen before?

No judge here, have a good day!

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Given I can found a private place to fill it (unless if the stranger is from the opposite sex and insists to watch, and she's definitely of legal age), I would be in!

Especially if it would happen on a music festival or similar and I would probably be slightly intoxicated.

Why not? The first rule of improvisation is not to say no, so I would just go with the flow here. Pun intended 🙂

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I try to be very selective who I give my DNA to - just like I am with my bank details, wifi address, car keys, cash and all those things (you can get DNA from pee I guess???)

It's one of those scenarios that I guess seems plausible when we're immersed in fantasy porn land, in just the same way as stunning girls take off all their clothes and give blow jobs when plumbers walk into their apartments. There's a multitude of videos out there of people doing incredible things in incredible spaces.

But if some random stranger was to walk up and ask for pee - WHY.    It's so out of the ordinary and so many ulterior reasons they could be asking.     And plus there's a good chance they're either inciting you to publicly expose yourself or creating the perfect rape environment.

So thank you - but no. (Unless it's one or two of the people listed above, in which case - here, hold my beer).

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Interesting one - I doubt very much if it would ever happen, so I guess the debate is theoretical, but the first thing I'd be asking is why?   Could be to rig a drug test or other medical test?  I would not be even slightly interested in helping there.

If it were a cute woman and she said she wanted to drink it, then in my fantasy world I would probably accept as long as she returned the favour, but preferably in both cases bypass the bottle and pee straight in the mouth.   In reality, I'd probably clam up, decline and head the other way!  I don't mind girls watching me pee, but I'd find something slightly weird about them wanting to collect my pee.

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It's one thing for someone to suggest that you pee in a bottle if you're desperate, or even offering one to you, but asking to collect your pee in a bottle? Idk man. 

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