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Any good chat rooms out there?

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On 6/15/2022 at 7:30 PM, AM Kurious said:

I also miss the Tolet Room on Chatro. Still haven't found any replacement, but currently checking this site that I found in another thread on this forum: http://www.poolchat.org.uk


There are people in the room, but it looks they will only chat to people with a female nick... Will see.

Sadly, you are correct. As usual, you don't really get a lot of attention as a male person in that chatroom.

On the other hand, my girlfriend gets bombarded with messages there. And it's pretty weird messages at that.

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For the most part, poolchat sucks. Even the software is awful, you can't stay connected and it loses profiles. As a couple people mentioned above, males are all but ignored. 

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Not a chatroom, but I've chatted with some people from the reddit page dirtypenpals. That page is mostly for role-playing but I've found some great people there to chat with privately.

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