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Do you pee in the sink?

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3 hours ago, snafft said:

As the question is - do you pee in the sink using it as a urinal?

How about in the shower?

Wouldn't mind knowing what gender you are when answering 😉 

I always pee in the shower most of the time when I use it. 

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13 minutes ago, Eliminature said:

Yes I do. I stand to pee, even though I'm female and pee in the sink every day. There are few photos of me doing so in the Eliminature Peeing Standing section. 

The only reason I waited tondo it so long is because I thought I wasn't tall enough.

lol that's the problem with being short

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I do indeed piss in the sink! Not super frequently, but it’s definitely a nice little naughty alternative from time to time (see below). 

I also definitely piss in the shower! Bonus points if it’s not my own.. hotel room showers, gym cubicle showers - and definitely poolside ones for a naughty rush! 😳


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male (mostly 😼)

Due to excessive pressure, I cannot pee in a regular toilet without making a mess, so I pretty much always use the sink at home.

In the shower, the water always needs a few seconds to get heated up first, so in that time, I always stand outside and pee against the wall on the other end

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Yes regularly.  Nearly every time I am in the shower (or any shower for that matter, at the pool, gym, hotels, friends wherever I am in a shower.  

I also regularly use the sink at home.  Both the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink.   It is more convenient and uses less water to flush.   

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I piss in the shower every morning when I take a shower. Sometimes it’s before, sometimes it’s during. Sometimes I’ll pee on myself, drink it, or taste it in the shower too. I’ll usually piss while I’m walking over to where my hair care stuff is, and pee while turning around to wash my hair and the bottles back on my shelf behind me. 

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