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Shocked (or impressed) by one's amount of pee?

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I’m kind of amazed at times when I feel like I really have to piss and not much comes out. Other times, I figure I should piss and don’t feel much, but a lot comes out. 

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On 7/10/2022 at 9:14 PM, lengajesytec said:

My sister used to hold her pee for hours when she was a kid, she got some medical exams and the doctor said she should not hold it or it could damage something or so, the thing is, when we were out and she had to pee, it was a real emergency, so she ended up peeing in parking lots, alleys and such quite often, leaving like really huge puddles, i remember always looking at them if i had the chance.

Also my cousin was really open about his peeing skills, this one time we were drinking at a family party, we used to go to the near park and use pyrotechnics, smoke, drink.. after several beers my cousin was the only one who hadnt took a pee, and he laughed about it saying he was fine, we kept drinking some more until we decided to go back to the party in the house, we moved to his house after a while with a few other relatives as well, we went to the second floor as always to play videogames and chill, we started playing and drinking again, after a couple beers he said he had to go pee, the bathroom was right next to us so i could hear clearly from the couch, i played a match by myself while he was peeing, after the match ended i expected him to finish so i stopped playing and told him i won, he moaned and said "I really had to pee just how long ive been peeing for?" i asked him if he was gonna end anytime soon, he laughed and said "i dont know, i cant believe im still peeing", i couldnt believe it either so i mocked him saying it was the faucet open, he said "im telling you is me, look!", he then opened the door while still peeing, i turned my head to look and had a decent look of his huge stream from a side, i told him to hurry up again and pretended i wasnt looking that much, he said some jokes on how big was his stream and that he could put out a fire, etc, i just laughted but i was really shocked to see he was still peeing after all that, in the end im sure he peed for 5 minutes at least. 

That's really impressive about your cousin peeing that much.

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