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Pee kink people are the best -- 37m, Aus


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Hey everyone

I have been into omo and had a pee kink since before I knew what sex was, the usual stuff.

More recently in my life I've been opened up to the world of DDlg and being the best Daddy I can be. There's nothing like it.

So -- hello -- I look forward to perusing the forums and perhaps making friends with some of you.


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Welcome @Como! I'm new here too, basically exact same story as you actually 🙂 See my post here for an example of how this can be misinterpreted if you're as careless as I was in how I expressed myself, lol:

Do you do a lot of pee play with your girl? Do you go with her to the bathroom or does she ask you for permission to go pee or anything like that? I'd love to hear a little bit about your relationship in general and what you do with peeing in particular!

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