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Risky spurt

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4 minutes ago, SnakeFace said:

Stuff like this is so hot! I love peeing secretly and having nobody else know

Yeah really enjoyed it, love the feeling of just letting go momentarily whilst they are completely oblivious found it such a turn on!

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On 10/21/2021 at 3:50 PM, Paulp73 said:

So today I decided  I'd take a risk, just to see how it felt and just for the sheer excitement. So whilst chatting  with a customer about some additional  work I (for no apparent  reason) thought  it would  be exciting to let out a 5 sec spurt of pee whilst we were talking. My mind was racing and my bladder although  full was controlled. It was amazing, they are completely unaware and although my underwear was damp it didn't show. Definitely  found  it to be such a turn on!

Paulp73 Hi,

I know the excitement, have a read of my post in questions, very similar. 

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