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question for you Ladies

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Perhaps a dumb question, but I'd really like to hear y o u r idea's on what a male-wetting picture or video should look like ,as I have no idea what exactly I should go for..

Should it have a theme or a sort of story-line ? Gradually buildin up to a wetting ?? Or is that my own old fashoned thinking and are women more interested in plain, quick 

and direct enjoyable footage ? Seriously, I'd really like to know that .


Also what sort of clothing would you generally prefer (if at all..) Do surroundings matter ?

I'd love to hear your ideas.


Thanks in advance ,


Greetings from the Netherlands,


Wannawatchuwiggle a.k.a. Mike

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I’m definitely more of a desperation person, so hearing deep breaths and moans while squirming is really hot to me. Surroundings and clothing don’t really matter to me, though you can’t go wrong with briefs. A gradual build up is something I really like, but the second one is also good. I’m not very picky, lol.

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