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The Sixthformers

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The girls have another exam, and they scheme to get Colin in to the girls' school.


Part 18

After lunch we decided to walk to school to give our skirts a chance to dry. They had got such a good soaking that they had not dried out all morning, especially where we had been wetting ourselves on the sofa.

As we walked I was aware of the cum oozing out between my thighs. I lifted the back of Erica's skirt which was drying nicely and saw that she had a good deal of cum on her stocking tops between her legs. I was not surprised as her cum was a lot fresher than mine.

As we waited to cross the road to school we peed down our legs to try and wash the cum off. Before, having cummy stockings was a novelty, now we wanted to be a bit more discreet about what was leaking out of our fannys.

As we made our puddles I could smell the stale pee smell coming up from the pavement as we reactivated the pee we had left there days before. I looked at Erica, and Erica looked at me. We sniffed the air and smiled.

We went in to school and made our way to the exam hall. Most of the desks at the back had been removed and they were setting up at the back of the hall ready for the careers day. I saw the list of names of attendees lying on one of the tables, with a few extra names handwritten on the end.

I whispered to Erica. "I think we should add Collette as an extra attendee."

Erica whispered back. "Give her a Latvian surname, then no one will be surprised when she does not speak. Inga Jansons was Latvian, that would do I think."

I got out my pen and discreetly added an extra name 'Collette Jansons' to the bottom of the list.

We made our way to the front of the hall. I had forgotten how cosy it was with just the six of us sitting the exam as I sat down next to Erica.

We waited for the invigilator to come in.

Erica must have saved some pee as I heard her let out a brief hiss while we were writing our names. I was not decided as to whether I would pee or not during the exam as I would not need to pee, but hearing Erica do it already I knew I would empty my bladder later.

We started the exam. I did not bother reading the paper, I just plodded through the questions as they came. Doing exams had become quite mundane now and I was confident.

When I had finished and checked twice and still had nearly fifteen minutes to go I decided it was time. I just relaxed and let my pee flow. I heard the muffled hiss as my pee forced its way between my thighs and soaked in to the back of my skirt. I tucked one of my legs under my chair just in time to catch my pee as it started to run off of the front of the seat. It felt nice to have finished the paper with the luxury of the warmth of my pee soaking under me and warming my leg and foot.

I glanced around, but no one appeared to have noticed, except Erica of course, who now had a puddle under her chair that was slowly expanding. I could not hear Erica peeing so she must have been doing it very gently.

When the time was up we did the usual drill of packing up quickly and getting our papers to the front before anyone had a chance to see our puddles, and we made our way home.

As we sat down on the bus I felt the coolness of my still wet skirt under my bottom. I warmed it up with as much pee as I could muster and it felt nice until we got to our stop.

As we got in the front door it was no surprise at all to hear mum almost at the point of orgasm again. I was beginning to wonder if she did it with Colin continuously until we got home, or if it was just coincidence.

As mum orgasmed properly I heard pee pattering on the carpet. I called out. "Hi mum!"

Erica called. "Hi Colin."

We went to the kitchen giggling and made tea.

I heard Colin scamper upstairs, and then mum came in to the kitchen. Mum looked a little dishevelled, her smart work dress was still pulled up a little.

"Hi girls." Said mum.

Mum continued. "You have a career day tomorrow, so you will be wearing your suits. Dad would like to break them in thoroughly since they are new, so wear them for dinner as well as breakfast."

I told mum. "We have booked Collette in for the careers day too, it could be fun."

Mum looked a bit worried. "Now now girls. You need to be careful. Careers day is a very serious event, and you need to make the most of it. Getting a university sponsorship can really make life at university a whole lot easier. I know that there is always whoring to make a bit of extra money, but you don't want to be in a position of having to do it. Make sure you focus on getting what you can tomorrow. You know how distracting Colin can be - you don't want to get caught somewhere while he is giving you one."

Erica spoke. "It is O.K. mum. He can't distract both of us at once, and anyway he quite likes Naomi and she will be there too. There are loads of places to have sex, and no one ever checks. It is a girls' school and lesbianism is O.K. No one expects there to be any boys there."

Mum seemed a little less concerned. "O.K. Just be careful. I can't imagine what Colin will get up to in a girls' school - it will probably drop off due to over use."

I spoke. "Mum, we will need an outfit for Collette. Have you got a nice suit that might fit?"

"I will sort something out shortly. Let me get the dinner on first." Said mum.

We finished making the tea, leaving mum's in the kitchen and taking Colin's up to our room with us.

When we got to our room Colin was just finishing getting dressed.

Erica eagerly told Colin. "You're coming to school with us tomorrow as Collette Jansons. You're booked in for Careers Day and mum is going to sort you out an outfit. If anyone tries to talk to you you are Latvian and don't speak much English."

Colin looked a bit shocked.

I added rhetorically. "You had fun when we went clubbing?"

Colin nodded.

I continued. "Naomi will be there."

Colin's face brightened. I smiled. It was going to be fun.

We took off our school blazers and skirts and put on our new suits. Very smart we looked too. We posed in front of our mirrors, seeing how high we could get the skirts up and still look modest while standing up straight.

Colin watched us intently and a bulge started to form in his newly laundered jeans. Colin must have been naked downstairs earlier with mum waiting for the washing to finish.

It did not seem to be very long but mum came in with some clothes for Collette.

Colin undressed and his dick sprung up to attention.

Colin put the outfit on and looked really smart, the box pleat skirt contrasted nicely with our simple tailored skirts and went some way to hide what was underneath, but not completely given Colin's state of arousal.

I bent over my dressing table, my pulled up skirt riding up to expose my bottom.

Erica said to Colin. "Don't mess up her suit, and don't mess up your skirt."

Colin needed no encouragement. I felt his dick tentatively touching my fanny, then he rammed it in hard.

I looked back and Erica was holding both mine and Colin's skirts out of the way as he pounded away at me, my head periodically banging against my dressing table mirror.

It was nice, I was ready to cum. I felt it build and relaxed my bladder, feeling my pee splashing against my legs rhythmically as Colin continued to pound away. The tea had made its way through and my pee splattered loud on the carpet.

Colin grabbed my hips hard and thrust home as I convulsed and grabbed his dick tight with my fanny, feeling I would snap it off as it throbbed deep inside.

We stayed there for what seemed like ages until Colin became flaccid and withdrew.

I felt Erica let my skirt back down.

I was still bent over my dressing table and managed to let out a last trickle of pee down my legs. It had been very nice.

Erica spoke to Colin. "You had better undress, I will hang the outfit up for you.

I stood back up as Colin removed his jacket, blouse and skirt and Erica carefully hung them up.

I looked back in the mirror to make sure that my skirt still looked O.K. It was fine.

Colin had got dressed again by the time Mum called us down for dinner.

Erica and I sat together on the sofa so that dad could pee on our new suits. We kept our school blouses on so that dad could thoroughly soak the jackets too and not have to worry.

Because the suits were new the pee did not soak in easily. Dad had to pee little and often all over both of us. I am not sure why he sprayed so much pee on our breasts, but I guess he does not get to do that very often.

Dad kept going until he was empty, then he asked Colin if he would like to have a go. Colin unzipped and fortunately he was not fully erect, I think I had satisfied him quite well. Colin dutifully peed on both of us like dad had done, but now his pee was soaking in a bit better where our suits were already wet.

Dad and Colin left for the dining room and we followed a few minutes later. I was feeling the cum oozing out between my thighs.

After dinner we went up to our room. I sat on my swivel chair but Erica flung herself back on the bed like she often does, her skirt riding up just enough to show her fanny.

Colin needed no encouragement. He unzipped straight away and lay on top of Erica. Erica spontaneously lifted her legs.

"Mind your suit!" I said to Erica.

Erica wriggled out of her jacket and I hung it up as Colin set to work pounding Erica in to the bed.

I sat and watched, amazed at Colin's stamina.

Eventually Colin and Erica orgasmed in unison and Erica soaked the bottom of the bed and her suit skirt with a lot of pee. I peed too, just letting my pee soak through my suit skirt in to my swivel chair.

I took off my suit jacket too, and we all laid on the bed watching telly until bed time, when Erica and I put on our nighties and we all went to bed and mum brought up our Horlicks.

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It said you are not allowed to receive messages?

Probably my inbox was full. It is the biggest problem with this forum. I can understand restricting sending, but not receiving! I have deleted some old stuff now. If the management want to encourage me to write content they need to stop restricting people from sending me inspiration!

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7 hours ago, Sexismygod said:

Looks like the girls need some new playmates.  Maybe some of their classmates can help out ... or a teacher or two?  I'm sure you already have ideas .. hehehe.


12 hours ago, Paulypeeps said:

Astrid and Erica play tennis, then join their mum and Colin for lunch, and Colin goes home. 😞

Part 23

As usual mum woke us in the morning with tea. I was a bit groggy because mum had woken us a bit earlier than normal. I sat up before I had recapped what had happened in the night.

"Three." I said.

Erica replied with "Two."

I looked at Erica who was now sitting too, and she looked at me. Colin was still asleep, mum coming in to the room had not awoken him, and we were not surprised.

Erica helped to raise Colin as I took two cups of tea from mum. Colin was starting to sit by the time mum passed the third cup to Erica.

I started to pee, and I heard Erica peeing too.

Mum said. "I have woken you early today to give Colin a chance to shower before breakfast. He will be on the train before dad gets home again."

I was still peeing as I took a sip of tea. "Colin, last chance to pee in our bed. How do you want to do it?"

Colin did not say anything but a wet patch appeared in the middle of the duvet as he started to pee.

We drunk our tea and got up. Colin, Erica and I had a last shower together, and then Colin took Erica from behind as she bent down to dry her feet. I was just as surprised as Erica that Colin had enough stamina left, but I guess we had all been getting fitter while Colin had been staying.

Colin put on his smart clothes, and we put on our school uniforms, and we all went down for breakfast.

Mum sat between us on the sofa and got the full benefit of Colin's pee while Erica and I had to share dad's. Again Colin took pride in precision peeing, wetting mum's dress right up the the neck line before concentrating on wetting her breasts.

We were quite subdued while we ate our breakfast - wondering what it would be like after Colin goes. He had been a big part of our lives for a couple of weeks.

After breakfast dad spent some time with Colin, while mum did some last minute packing for him. Erica and I were summoned upstairs to bring down his cases. I was puzzled as to why he had more than one, since he only had one when he arrived.

We dutifully took the cases downstairs anyway.

Once dad had gone off to work mum explained the cases to Colin. "Now, this is the case you brought with you Colin, and this other one is Collette's. Now if you want to go out and have a lot more fun you have everything you need. The twins told me how much you had enjoyed being Collette, so now you can do it whenever you like. I have put all the clothes in here that you heve worn, and the shoes, and all the new make-up that you got the other day."

Colin was overjoyed. "Thank you so much. That is so kind of you. I won't forget the time I have spent here, you have been so welcoming. I could not wish for a better family."

We all did a big group hug.

Mum continued. "Well, it is not over yet. You can go and spectate the tennis first. The girls are playing doubles today. I have to go to work this morning, but I will meet you at lunch time at school after the tennis and we can have lunch and go to the station together."

Mum went to work, and Erica and I got our tennis stuff, and we struggled off to the bus. Colin had all the tennis gear and we took a case each, wheeling them along looking like schoolgirls off to be 'The Apprentice'.

We sat quietly on the bus. We were at the back, I had the window seat, Erica had the middle seat, and Colin sat between us. I was contemplating whether I should wait, or just do a little wee on the bus.

I decided.

"I am just doing a little wee."  I said. "I will save most of it for my tennis shoes."

I started to pee, just letting it out gently wetting my skirt.

Colin said. "I will have a bit in a minute. I will pee down your legs if you like."

It was unusual for Colin to speak like that. He was becoming much more confident with us.

"Thank you Colin." I said, finishing my short pee.

I heard a hiss as Erica did a little pee too, but she must have peed a lot harder than I did.

We got to the school stop and headed for the front. I glanced back to see that both Erica and I had made similar sized circular pee stains on the seats.

We recovered all the luggage from the front of the bus and stepped down. We crossed the road and went in to school, heading straight for the tennis courts.

We parked the suitcases and left them with Colin, taking our tennis gear in to the changing room.

We changed quickly and headed back out to the court. Erica and I stood close together in front of Colin and started to pee gently down our legs.

"You can join in now Colin." I said.

Colin unzipped and started to pee on my legs, and then on to Erica's. It was nice standing there feeling not only our own warm pee on our legs but Colin's as well.

I was still peeing when Colin finished and retrousered very quickly.

"The others are coming." Said Colin.

I looked down and pee was still trickling down Erica's legs too.

"I'm nearly done." Said Erica, cool as a cucumber.

I kept peeing until I was done, and then said. "Done!"

Erica said. "Me too!"

Erica spun round and bent down exposing her bare bottom to Colin.

I smiled and said. "Not now Colin..."

I spun round too and bent down.

We started our stretching exercises ensuring that Colin, and anyone who might be watching us through the fence, got a nice view of our bare bottoms.

We carried on stretching when the others arrived, and soon they were all stretching too. I suspect that only Erica and I were squeezing pee out of our shoes as we stretched though.

We were lucky and got to play on court one. We had built up quite an audience of spectators watching through the fence by the time we finished the first match. We won a bit too easily so it did not take quite as long as we had hoped. Colin had enjoyed it as we could see from the bulge in his smart trousers.

We were lucky enough to play our second match on court one as well, so we managed to keep our audience. I like to think that we raised the popularity of competitive schoolgirl tennis.

The second match finished and by then mum had arrived to spectate. We greeted mum, and suggested that Colin might like to show her the equipment store. We left them and went to shower and change.

When we came out mum was looking a bit dishevelled and Colin no longer had a bulge in his smart trousers.

Mum suggested we eat in the station restaurant, so we made our way there. This time mum and Colin wheeled the cases and Erica and I carried our tennis stuff.

We found a nice table in the corner and were able to pile our stuff up out of the way. The waitress came over straight away to take our order, and we ordered.

Mum straight away said. "Time to stick it to the man."

Erica and I smiled and released our bladders. I heard the hissing from mum's lap as she started to pee too.

Erica said. "You can pee on our legs under the table if you like Colin."

Colin's eyes lit up and he started to fiddle with his crotch.

About half a minute later I felt a jet of Colin's pee on my knee.

"Thank you Colin." I said.

A few seconds later mum looked at Colin, smiled and said. "Thank, that is most refreshing."

Erica then said. "Thank you. Very nice."

I continued to pee gently, feeling the warmth spread in the soft upholstery of my seat as Colin continued to play his jet around under the table.

Colin suddenly jumped as the waitress returned with our food.

Mum noticed and said. "Don't worry Colin, carry on. It is just our food."

I have no idea what the waitress thought that Colin was doing, but she did not appear in the least concerned.

after the waitress left Colin asked. "Are you sure, you want me to continue?"

Mum answered. "Yes, if you want to."

Colin started to pee again and I felt his jet cross my legs.

Colin must have finished because he began to fiddle with his crotch again. I carried on peeing for a short while until I was empty. My seat now feeling lovely and wet.

We ate our lunch, and I refrained from peeing again. A few minutes before Colin's train was due we took our stuff out on to the platform. We went right to the end of the platform and Erica, mum, and I sat down on the last bench.

Mum spoke. "Colin, last chance to pee in our laps."

Colin looked down the platform, and saw that we were alone and got his dick out. He was not able to do much but managed to get a little spurt on all of our laps.

I squeezed and emptied my bladder sitting on the bench. I heard my pee trickling through the slats, and then I heard mum's and Erica's too.

Colin sat down next to us we waited in silence for the train.

We saw the train approaching and I felt sadness. The train arrived and stopped, and Erica and I helped Colin get his cases in to the train while mum hugged him.

We waved and Colin waved back as the train left.

Mum went back to work and Erica and I made our way home on the bus. I managed to squeeze out a little pee before we reached our stop, but it was barely enough to wet my skirt.

We spent the afternoon in our room wondering what life would be like not having Colin constantly having sex with us. Erica recommended that we should resume cunilingus, and leapt on to the bottom of the bed, sliding down so her school skirt rode up to expose her fanny.

I brought Erica to a big orgasm, and left her lying on the bed with her pee trickling out and wetting her skirt while I went downstairs to make some tea.

Erica was still lying there with her hand gently massaging her crotch when I brought the cups of tea in to our room. We drunk our tea, and then I took position on the bottom of the bed. As I laid down I felt the wetness of Erica's pee soaking through the back of my skirt from the wet bed.

Erica brought me to a lovely orgasm too, and then we laid on the bed together reminiscing about Colin, just letting our pee go when we got a tingle.

We lost all track of time, so we were surprised when mum called us down for dinner. I squeezed out a quick pee on the bed and my skirt dripped down the back of my legs as we went downstairs. We went straight to the dining room, and we were both surprised to see mum wearing the maids outfit.

Mum must have noticed our surprise. "Needs must!" She said.

I realised mum must be missing Colin, and especially Colin's dick as much as we were. Now she wanted dad's as second best.

We ate our dinner and went upstairs to watch telly leaving mum to entertain dad in the dining room.

When mum brought up our Horlicks it felt strange having so much room in bed again.

We both peed while sitting up and drinking our Horlicks, and then Erica cuddled me as we snuggled down to go to sleep.

Paulypeeps, thank you for the erotic adventures of Astrid and Erica and their family.  I've masturbated through almost every chapter.

In my mind I can see Astrid and Erica's marvelous bed just oozing pee every time they sat on it.

At 27 chapters it might be long enough for publication. I don't know anything about internet publishing, but I've read a lot of internet books and as a niche publication for out fetish, yours is outstanding. I'm sure as more members read it, more members will want to read it as word gets around. In time, I sincerely hope, it will be considered a classic. 

Many thanks for providing this story for our reading pleasure. After reading ever chapter and some more than once I've come to feel Astrid, Erica, Colin and all their friends at school are friends of ours too and we know them the way we know real people...albeit they are far more interesting than anyone I know in real life.

Again, many thanks.



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The twins and Bryony have some more fun in their leather skirts and get some news.

Part 26

I was woken in the night by Bryony fondling my breast. It was nice but I did not know what to make of it. I was wondering if Bryony really was lesbian after all.

I reached behind me and found Bryony's crotch. I extended my middle finger and found her clitoris and started to massage her as I would my own clitoris.

Bryony continued to fondle my breast, and now I could feel her breathing deepen. I was wondering if perhaps she was still asleep and having Sapphic dreams.

We continued and Bryony started to respond to the massaging, her crotch becoming noticeably moist. Bryony's orgasm started to build and I knew that she was awake. At first she began to gasp, and then she let out a howl and clamped my hand with her thighs.

Erica was awake. "You can pee now Bryony." She said sleepily.

Bryony squeezed my breast hard and pulled me towards her, and sighed, and started to pee on my hand. It felt nice.

I peed too, just laying on my side being cuddled by Bryony, letting my pee trickle over my thigh and soak in to my nighty.

I dozed off. It was nice being cuddled by Bryony like that.

I was woken again around dawn. Erica and Bryony were turning over, so I turned over too and cuddled Bryony, cupping her breast with my hand.

Bryony purred. "Mmm. That's nice."

I snuggled in tight and we went back to sleep.

As usual mum woke us up. "Wakey, wakey. Time to pee! Sorry, time for tea!"

I heard hissing, and relaxed my own bladder.

Erica was still peeing when Bryony and I started to sit up.

Mum handed me two cups, and Bryony and I started to drink our tea while mum went round to Erica.

Erica finished peeing and sat up too. She took her cup and started drinking.

Mum left us to wake up.

Bryony spoke between sipping her tea. "I think I am lesbian..."

"...Sex with Colin is nice..."

"...but not as nice as with you."

Erica and I were hardly experts, but I did not think we were just lesbians.

I said. "I think it is quite normal to be bisexual. We don't have to like sex with boys to get more than we want, they will do it anyway unless we say no. It is not as if we hate having sex with Colin - I think we all like it. We can have it all. We can pleasure one another when we are together, and have sex with boys if they want to do it."

Erica sipped her tea and said. "It is not hard to get them to do it."

We got up and took it in turns to go to the bathroom. We put on our leather skirts again with tee shirts and stockings and went down to breakfast. Bryony sat and watched again as dad peed on mum, Erica and I, then we went in to the dining room.

Mum brought out Breakfast and returned to the kitchen.

I realised that I wanted to pee.

I told Bryony. "You are wearing your leather skirt, you can do a little wee and not have to worry about marking the chair."

I let out a little spurt and felt it pool in my skirt, then did a little more and felt it trickle on to the back of my legs.

Bryony asked. "What about the carpet?"

Erica answered. "No one will notice a little bit of pee on the carpet. Don't worry. Just do enough to feel nice."

Bryony wriggled forward on her chair and I saw her concentrate, then smile.

I heard a brief hiss, then I heard pee trickling from the hem of Bryony's skirt on to the carpet.

I quickly guided her. "Tuck your legs under so you catch the pee on the back of your legs. It does not matter if some goes on the carpet, but you want to enjoy it!"

Bryony tucked her legs under and peed again. I heard the hiss is she refilled the pool in her leather skirt.

Erica let out a long hiss as she started to pee too, and then I heard the squelching as she paddled in the soggy carpet having overflowed her skirt by a large margin.

"That will have to do." Said Erica with a big grin.

Mum returned. "It's sorted. Colin will be coming tomorrow. We will collect him after your netball match."

We had finished breakfast. Erica got up first making a splash under the table with the pee pooled in her skirt.

Mum noticed. She looked under the table at the tell-tall drips from the hem of Erica's skirt, and the wet circle on the carpet where her feet were, and then she noticed the wet circles around my feet and Bryony's feet.

Mum was a little cross. "Now now girls! You know about no peeing in the dining room unless you have an orgasm."

Erica protested. "We did not pee on the seats, we are wearing leather skirts. The carpet will soon dry."

Bryony and I stood up very gingerly, but there was a distinct gush from each of our skirts.

Mum spoke again. "I hope it does dry. I am having the bingo ladies round for tea this afternoon. Off with you and enjoy your skirts!"

We scampered out of the dining room and went upstairs.

We all sorted our make-up and helped Bryony pack all her stuff away. I popped down to the utility room to get the last of Bryony's washing.

When we were all ready I asked Bryony. "Do you want to do a last pee before we go?"

Bryony answered "Yes."

Erica asked. "Where do you want to pee? On the bed? On the chair? Down your legs?"

Bryony sat down on the end of the bed sinking deep in to the duvet, and peed. She hissed loudly as she peed full blast in to her leather skirt. I watched as the pool between her legs filled with her pee.

Bryony was grinning. "It's so hot, all round my bottom and under my thighs."

The hissing stopped as the pool got deeper, but Bryony continued to pee. As Bryony's skirt became full to the brim pee started to escape between her legs and soak in to the duvet.

"That's all." Said Bryony as she started to slosh the pee around by rocking from side to side.

I sat down on my swivel chair and started to pee, catching the overflow on the back of my legs, and Erica just started to pee where she was standing letting her pee stream down her legs making another pee circle on the carpet.

We sat for a bit, then Erica and I went either side of Bryony and lifted her up. The massive gush of pee on Bryony's legs rather overwhelmed her as her pee emptied out of her skirt.

"Time to go." Said Erica.

Bryony looked concerned. "Don't you want to dry off a bit first?"

"No." I said gathering up her case and heading downstairs.

Bryony shook her feet one at a time, not used to having quite that much pee in her shoes.

"Enjoy it." Said Erica.

Erica cajoled Bryony out of our bedroom and down stairs.

We set off for Bryony's, me still pulling her suitcase.

Bryony was still concerned. "I'll never be dry by the time I get home."

"You will be dry enough." I said.

By the time we got to Bryony's I was feeling pretty much dry.

Erica asked. "Are we staying for coffee?"

Bryony said. "Of course."

We all went in to the kitchen. Bryony started to make the coffee. I parked Bryony's case and went and sat down in the dining area, Erica joined me.

Bryony quickly made the coffee and brought it over with some sandwiches she had found. As bryony sat down I released a spurt of pee in to my skirt. I heard the hiss, and then heard Erica hiss too as she also peed.

Bryony put her hand to her mouth. "You... You haven't. Have you?"

Erica and I nodded.

I answered. "You might as well too."

Bryony started panicking. "You can't pee in here. You're not at home now."

I said. "It is too late now, we have already peed."

Erica and I smiled.

We took our coffees and started sipping.

Erica tried to put Bryony's mind at rest. "Don't worry. It will soon dry and no one will know. We have been drinking plenty, it is nice and dilute."

Erica said. "We have not overflowed yet. If you pee too we won't do any more."

Bryony panicked again. "What, you mean you will pee more, in here?"

Erica and I nodded.

I added. "If you pee too we won't do any more. How's that for a deal."

Bryony was starting to be rational. "So, if I pee in here, you will go?"

We both nodded, and sipped our coffee, and each took a sandwich.

Erica said between mouthfuls. "Just do enough so that we can hear you filling your leather skirt."

I said. "Drink your coffee."

I took another sip. "My bladder is filling nicely." I said.

Bryony said. "O.K."

Bryony gripped the table, and then I heard a short hiss.

Erica said. "Cool!"

We just sat in our pee filled leather skirts drinking the last of our coffee, pondering when the time will come that we have to get up and the pee will gush on to the back of our legs and the carpet under the table.

Erica said. "I suppose we will have to put Bryony out of her misery and get up now."

Bryony panicked again. "No!"

I said. "We will have to go some time, unless you want to make us another coffee?"

Erica asked. "Is it nice and warm?"

Bryony nodded.

Erica answered. "Mine is too. We can wait until it cools."

My pee was already starting to cool. "I'm ready now." I said.

Bryony had her head in her hands.

Erica said. "I think that Bryony should get up first.

I added. "Just tuck your legs under, and there probably won't be anything on the carpet."

Bryony spoke again. "Your mum was livid, and your mum does not mind that you pee practically everywhere."

Erica spoke. "Ah. But your mum does not know, were you planning on telling her?"

My pee was becoming noticeably cooler. "Hurry up Bryony, my pee is cooling. If we wait any longer I will have to warm my skirt up with some fresh pee." I said.

Bryony was now getting a bit stressed. She carefully placed her feet together and tucked her legs under and slowly stood up. I could hear the trickle of pee hitting the back of her legs.

Bryony quickly stood and ran out in to the garden. Erica and I stood slowly too. I felt my cool pee trickle on to the back of my legs, and then stood quickly feeling the gush and hearing it patter on the carpet. I headed out to the garden followed by Erica.

Bryony was looking round checking her legs and feet. "You two will give me a heart attack!

Erica and I smiled. My skirt had now stopped dripping on to the back of my legs.

Bryony was still cross. "I need to check the damage. I will need to find the carpet shampoo now."

We all went back inside. There was nothing to see on the carpet under the table. I felt under where I had been sitting and there was a little dampness to the carpet but nothing to see.

I said to Bryony. "See, that was easy. Now next time you are wearing your leather skirt you can do a little wee at the table and no one will know!"

Erica said. "You are one of us now Bryony. You must wet your bed too now!"

Bryony snapped. "Out! Out! Out! You are corrupting me! Go!"

Erica said. "See you tomorrow at Netball."

Erica and I left.

We walked home, and as soon as we got in mum called out. "Netball dresses!"

We reluctantly went upstairs and took off our leather skirts and our tops and put on our netball dresses. It is not that we did not like our netball dresses, we had just had so much fun in our leather skirts.

We went in to the lounge and watched telly.

After a while mum came in. "I have had Colin on the phone. Unfortunately he is in a bit of a pickle and wants to come and stay. I said I am sure it will be O.K. but I will check with you first since it is not practical for him to sleep on the wet sofa. What do you think? He wants to stay until he goes to university."

Erica said. "O.K." and I nodded.

Mum smiled and turned away. "I will call him back now." She said as she walked out.

Mum returned a couple of minutes later. "Colin will come down by train tomorrow. I will have a half day at work and we can all meet him after you have done netball."

We watched telly until dad came in. Dad dutifully peed on our netball dresses while we watched Pointless and then we had dinner. We were quite excited that Colin was returning.

We kept our netball dresses on all evening, and popped down to the lounge later so that dad could have a treat and pee on us again. I think that dad was looking forward to having Colin back too.

We went up to bed and had Horlicks. Erica noted that we had a last night to enjoy lots of room in bed for a while.

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