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When did you know you were in to naughty pee?

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6 minutes ago, Bacardi said:

Probably since I was a teen or so. Once I hit my teenage years I was able to recognize that I had been masterbating to thoughts about myself and other people peeing on the floors since I was about 4 or 5 years old. 

Since you were 4 or 5?

You must be almost blind by now and have calluses on all your fingers! 😝

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On 9/13/2021 at 9:40 PM, Zorroblade said:

For me, it was when I was 13 or 14, and my friend’s mom would pick us up from school and I would stay at their house afterwards until my parents got back from work, usually a couple of hours.  
I had a crush on my friend’s mom, miss Mindy, who usually wore tight jeans. She was in her upper 30’s I’d say, and had a thin body, small breasts, and was a smoker.  
One day when we were driving back from school, I was sitting in the front seat because my friend had to stay after school for a project and it was just me and her.  Well we came to an intersection and I remarked to Mindy that there was a possum on the road on the other side of the intersection.  To my horror, she said she hoped it stayed there as they were pests.  After a couple cars passed on the crossing road, she started across the intersection and towards the possum.  I was secretly praying it would move off the road, and it was starting to do so when she swerved and I could here the thunk as we must of ran over it.  I was horrified as she kept driving and said something like there’s one less varmint.   Sorry for this awful story, but it is what happened.  
When we got back to her house, I went outside still shaken by what I’d experienced.  Mindy just went about as if nothing happened.   
A few minutes of being outside, I decided to come back inside because it was hot.  When I came in, I caught a quick glance of Mindy walking into the hallway bathroom and only partially closing the door.  I couldn’t help myself, and crept close by and listened while she took a long pee.  The hissing and trickling noise got me so excited. As she finished up, I quickly walked away so as not to be discovered. 
Anyway, when I think about it, I believe my passion for naughty pee goes back to this day.  Somehow observing the needless destruction of something of value (at least to me) by this woman, and then soon after witnessing my first (non-family) audible pissing experience entangled in such a way that I now get very excited by women pissing in a destructive way.  
I apologize again for this awful horrible story, but I guess sometimes real life isn’t all that pretty.  

This is really hot ! Though i would never hurt an animal the combination of her destructive and dominant nature is attractive to me ! Thanks for sharing 

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Back in Kindergarden i would sometimes pee in to the sink when no one was in the bathroom. I was both excited and ashamed about it which is why i only did it a few times. I was also always very excited about getting wet while being clothed. I was showering with underwear and stuff like this. But i think i got excited mostly because it was forbidden to do this stuff. 
Years later when i was already watching porn regularly (around 14 years old),  i discovered this one video where some woman was so wet that her thin panties became transparent. I was super turned on by this and found my way in to wetting and water sports after searching stuff like "wet panties". This was also the time when i was a bit frustrated because i had no luck in relationships while my friends started having sex which resulted in me exploring new ways to masturbate. I basically started peeing on my hand / through my underwear. Sometimes i would pee on the handle of my hairbrush before using it for anal masturbation. 
So yeah you kinda have to decide when it started for me because i don't know where i would draw the line. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Goes without saying I was on the really young side, fetishes start young.

The earliest memory I have of it was a girl and her father at a soccer game. There were no bathrooms available I guess, so her father had her go behind a bush next to a bunch of people watching the game, knowing they'd pay them no mind. Except for me who happened to be walking by, catching a rather long glance at her spraying a bush in front of her while in a squat. Then again as her dad took her over to the courtyard, hoisted her up and had her piss on the wall. Been into it ever since, naughty peeing whenever I can.


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Hard to say when exactly. I've known I was into pee from being I really learned about sex and pornography. I had wet my bed once as a young child because up to that point I never had before and wondered what it felt like. I can remember how good it felt once I realized you could pee in the shower. Later I would pee in the sink. It wouldn't be until I started getting the urge to search for "girls peeing," in my porn exploration when it all clicked. More exposure sorted out why I felt so good peeing where I wasn't supposed to and seeing women do so. Before I knew it I was use the junk towels as toilets in various ways and acting ignorant anytime those towels were missing when I had to wash them. 

It's kind of funny when I think back to how even into adulthood I would still use things like beach toilets but I'll chalk that up to be in non-initiated company. 

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I guess I've always done naughty peeing. Only as a child I wasn't aware it was naughty. I just peed where I liked, tried to pee as far as possible, as high up a wall or tree as I could, discussed techniques with my friends ("pull back your foreskin and it goes further!" or "avoid electric fences"), measured the quantity or used it to solidify sand castles. It must have been Kindergarten when I began wondering how girls peed. A little later I was witness as a girl was picked on, almost bullied, because she had peed in the public swimming pool. That was when I discovered you weren't supposed to do that - and wished I had been there to see it.

Sexuality really came later, and as detailed in my pee fantasy post (sorry, I don't know how to do an internal link with preview) it was first about female anatomy and the higher probability of getting a glance of it when a girl / woman would pee. Still too young for sex back then... Well, even as I had sex, it remained a secret how a woman peed. Ever watched a woman go to the toilet? Can't see a thing, really. So it took time - a lot of time - until I first dared to asked one of my partners to let me truly watch her pee. But it actually happened before I had access to Internet porn, and I'm grateful for this unspoiled discovery in real life. I like it, if a woman nonchalantly pees in unusual places. If she's not bound by convention or too restrictive an upbringing. And for me, female pee forever remains attached to beautiful female bodys, the secret parts of a woman that remain hidden except for the select few she invites into her intimate life.

So I watched, I tasted, I felt - and I continued to like it. And the idea of a woman taking control, asserting her position in life, not letting things happen to her is comforting to me. I don't like if I need to worry whether my partner likes or not what is happening. I like an outspoken person. Again a trait that can be found in my fantasies and stories.

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On 10/12/2021 at 8:42 AM, Alpian said:

And for me, female pee forever remains attached to beautiful female bodys, the secret parts of a woman that remain hidden except for the select few she invites into her intimate life.

That intimacy is a big part of the fascination for me. It's not unlike being children all over again, sharing a secret with a special friend. Perhaps it is as close as one can get with someone without being inside them.

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Feel like I have to preface this by saying that my interest in pee / peeing is more of a hobby than a fetish. 

I can't say that there is any one point or event which was the start of my interest in pee.  I do believe that a series of different things / events/ rules from my youth did shape my interest in pee though.  When I was young my family had a basic rule that once you get in bed you didn't get out of bed until the next morning; which meant on the occasions when I had to pee in the middle of the night I sort of had to wet the bed...likely the reason I'm not really a fan of bed wetting now.  "Pee your pants' was a fairly common dare in a game I played as a kid; the fact that pants wetting was something I could get in trouble for made it "fun", the fact that it felt good to be wearing wet pants made it something I wanted to do...pants wetting is something I still do and enjoy.  As to peeing in "unusual" places (sink, washing machine, shower, trashcan, etc), I did do most of those things at least once in my youth (usually as a dare from a friend)...now I view those peeing in those places as a "variety is the spice of life" kind of way.  Peeing outside has really always been a "why not" sort of thing to me; fun because it isn't a toilet or urinal, but not something to make a big deal out of. 

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I think it started when I was under 10.  Peeing in the bath led to peeing on myself and onto peeing on the carpet.  Peeing on the carpet has stuck with me ever since.  It became a sexual turn on but really it started with me just enjoying being naughty.

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