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K’s latest standing pee attempt

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Absolutely wonderful.  And lovely.

The one thing this site encourages us to learn is that anatomy is a wonderful and varied thing.  Not to mention the differences in personal preferences.  But irrespective of the result, huge kudos to K for giving it a try.  Not sure about God, but we definitely love a tryer.

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Sounds like a great experience.   I have mentioned to my wife that I'd like to see her try and pee in a urinal sometime and she didn't completely baulk at the idea, so I think maybe we need to do something like this to get her to experiment with anatomy and aim before graduating to the urinal.  If she pees standing without hands then it usually runs down her legs, or if she stands with her legs far enough apart then it falls straight down.

@Kupar, It is great that K is willing to indulge you and experiment like this - especially as she doesn't abort when it doesn't quite go right.  Sounds like she will be willing to continue to develop her technique.

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On 9/14/2021 at 8:01 AM, Kupar said:

Yes! And let's hope so, eh? 🙂 

Looking forward to hear more stories about K's "progress".

I find this to be a most useful skill for any woman. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, it's very practical. And, in the interests of keeping things lively, even those who always sit on the toilet may want to add this to their repetoire.

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7 hours ago, Eliminature said:

Loads more practise is required; which I'm sure is no bad thing. 


To K: Running down the thigh happens occasionally. It usually happens to me first thing in the morning when I'm still a bit woozy from sleep. It's an occupational hazard - don't worry about it. Spread the labia forward and tilt the hips forward. Then your urethra is at right angles to your body. Don't worry about aim just yet. That can be worked on at a later stage. Practising in the garden in a skirt or dress might help too. Above all: practice, practice, practice.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress! 

Thank you @Eliminature! I am sure there will be more practice, and I will pass on your tips 🙂

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