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Any Enbys or Gender Fluid people on here?

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Hello! Long time lurker introducing myself.

I'm genderfluid and rotate between presentation depending on the day, and depending on how I look, I will use different gendered public bathrooms and haven't really ever had an issue with being unwelcome on that front (thank god) 

If there's any other gender nonconforming people, or just queer people, who are on here, let me know! One thing is I want a tip on how not to get turned on by the sounds of peeing no matter what bathroom I'm in. It's hot as a pee kink person but it just makes me feel like a perv as an NB


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Hi @dpsbiggestfan and a huge welcome to the community - we are definitely welcoming of all and you'll have no issues here either.  I'll apologise in advance if some of our categories seem a bit binary, but please bear with us and just join in as seems best.

I can't help I'm afraid on the getting turned on by pee sounds - you make it sound like it's a problem...

Seriously though - a huge welcome.

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I am, sort of. Like, I’m used to being referred to as a man because that’s what people see me as, but… that’s what people see me as. I personally never felt a strong connection to maleness or masculinity or anything like that. 

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