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Peeing in containers

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Back in the infancy of the "interwebs" when I was newly exploring my pee fetish - what I enjoyed and what my limitations are - I came across some people on line who were fascinated with peeing in various non-toilet containers. Vases, jars, cans, tubs etc. Throughout the years I have played around with the idea both different containers and how I manipulate them.

Do any of you have experiences with this and do you care to share them?

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I used to occasionally pee into an empty 2ltr mineral water bottle -- without spilling! That was a few years ago when my wife wd go to bed around 9pm and I wd stay up for a couple of hours watching soft porn and posting nude selfies on Tumblr (back before they cleaned up the site 😞 ) I used the bottles so i didn't have to go upstairs for the toilet and risk waking her up.

My favourite is to pee into a wine glass or other drinking glass or maybe a porcelain teacup and then to 'decant' the pee onto myself as i am into  what I call 'self-anointing' with my own fresh pee...



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