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Men: do you pee in your shed or garage?

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9 hours ago, beachmom said:

From my experience, this is something that many housewives and moms would very much like to encourage

Whilst that sentiment is not always expressed in our house, I do feel totally justified for the reasons above in using a large coffee jar in my garage workshop as my regular toilet while working long hours out there. Whilst the subject is never discussed I guess Mrs S will often be aware that its ages since I came inside to go to the toilet and be wondering how I managed to hold it so long, OR whether I have an alternative arrangement!  In any case as has been said here it is a totally liberating feeling to be able to go as and when the need arises, and NOT to reduce fluid intake either.  Any ladies do the same? I'm sure there must be.... lets hear.! 

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On 7/28/2021 at 7:46 AM, beachmom said:

From my experience, this is something that many housewives and moms would very much like to encourage as one of the most frequent complaints women have on chat rooms is men and boys tracking into the house from the yard or garage just to pee. It's certainly not much to ask men to just do it out in the garage, compared to the dirt, oil and grease common in garages, does it really matter if they piss there.

Yes I agree, I never go in the house if I’m outside in the yard I just piss up the wall at the back of the house 

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Not in my own, but the abandoned houses next to mine used to have a shed I would piss in. I used to just piss on the side of it through the fence when I really had to go, but as I got older and it more or less fell apart I used to sneak into the shed and piss in there. It was always fun picking my targets: old garden equipment, a bag of potting soil I cut open, old tires, a pile of beer cans, and a personal favorite, the gas tank of the decrepit old lawn mower. I can share some of those stories sometime if you want. Each time was always very unique because of my excuse to slip away, how badly I had to go and how naughty or timid I felt at the time.

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On 7/18/2021 at 12:02 PM, pop-a-squat said:

Do you like to piss in your shed or garage? If so tell me about it!

The last house I owned had a big wood shed I always piss on the plywood floor at least 3 time a day or more if we had people over we let them piss in there also

now I have a garage I piss there also

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This morning I was pottering about the house and finishing a bunch of photo editing whilst wife and son were both out at work.

I had a quick lunch and was just about to head off about 1:30pm to pick my wife up when I decided I may as well pee before I left.  I needed to go badly enough but not desperately.

There's a strip of carpet maybe 2ft wide in the middle of my garage where my cycle turbo trainer normally sits and a on a spur of the moment thing I decided on a 'ladylike' squat over that carpet.  I didn't pee for too long, enough though to leave maybe a 9 inch circle of liquid that sat on top of the fibres before soaking in.  When I'd finished a few strokes to shake off the drips almost turned into something more, but instead I decided to save that.

Standing up, the circular damp patch had obviously soaked the carpet as a river was running from one side of it towards the side wall of the garage.

It's the simple pleasures in life....  

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I have peed many times in my garage- there's a center drain and sometimes I'll do it with the garage door up. I have, at times, also peed into my coffee cup while working in the garage and then casually walk out into the yard and toss it in the grass.

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4 hours ago, Eliminature said:

We don't have a shed, garage or even a garden, but if we did, I would use them for a pee. 

I would like to pee in @gldenwetgoose's garage after reading about that! 

Next time you’re heading up through the grim north just give me a shout. If you time it right during opening hours I’ll buy you a pint first. 

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I have pulled out and taken long, clear pisses in a corner of my garage. A few times. My floor is coated so it dries up. 

I’ve also pulled out and gone in my shed also, on an old trunk lid I had in there. It gets so hot in there I knew it would dry up quick. 

I had bought an old car that had plushy floor mats which I wasn’t going to use so I had them in my garage on the floor and I used them a few mornings before getting rid of them. 

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Love it in the garage, have this thing for Cumming over my motorbike and letting the cum run down the frame. I then love to get really close to the garage wall with my swollen cock and slowly pulse my piss stream down the wall, letting it puddle. The strong smell the next time of piss is beautiful 

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I’ve pissed quite a lot in my garage before. It started out as laying some old spare carpet out as the spot I’d always piss in and soak. I then went to pissing in the corner where the concrete has a gap so it’ll run off. I have a floor drain too but I’ve only pissed in that one time. One time I was fixing a friends truck as part of a deal that he was being a dick about, so as the hood was up, I pissed all over the front of it on the grill and in the engine bay. That one felt great to do. Normally I’ll also take all of the old cardboard boxes I have and stuff them together to have a nice spot to flood with my piss while I work in the garage. 

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20 minutes ago, gldenwetgoose said:

So @pop-a-squat  - and everyone else, let me tell you about it...

Last week I was mostly working from home and had the house to myself during the day.  Only during the day, so couldn't leave any visible puddles around the place.

Apart from 'work' I was also trying to do a few chores like washing.  I'd had a couple of coffees and some juice and was reasonably full, in fact pretty desperate and wondering where to release.  Maybe in the shower? In the utility room sink?  The jeans I was wearing were due in the wash next, so what better prewash than a wetting?

I've mentioned before about having a piece of carpet in my garage,  and my plan when I went in was either to sit crosslegged or sitting on the edge of my workbench.  Then as I got to the moment I realised I had the old dining chairs stacked up in the garage too.  By the time I got the chair, phone camera and me in position I'd already spurted hence the wet spot in the first image.

By the time I'd finished, apart from the waterfall off the front of the chair I also had a completely soaked leg and a fair bit of pee in my left shoe, so no idea how big the wet patch would have been otherwise.  Afterwards I walked back into the house in wet jeans (hope the neighbours didn't see), stripped off in the utility room (also hope they didn't see) and headed upstairs for a bit of 'me time' before getting dressed again.

Hope you like it...






Wow! You really needed that! Lovely images and description - thanks!

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