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Have you peed outside often?

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I regularly pee outside - particularly if I'm alone and sometimes when I'm with my wife.

This morning I peed out of the back door onto the patio.  It was raining so will instantly wash.

Yesterday I was walking with my wife and I peed against the vegetation at the side of the path.

I regularly pee in the garden or when I'm out walking, cycling or kayaking.   If I'm driving somewhere then I often stop and pee in a layby or in a carpark, alleyway or side street.  

Some of my outdoor pees (with pics) are in my "Alfresco Peeing" Thread:

I don't post anywhere near all my outdoor pees there as it would get very repetitive, but the thread would give you an idea.


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12 hours ago, pop-a-squat said:

Do you go outside often, if so how often and where is your go to place to pee

I live in a very rural area with few cars and less people. I pee outside all the time, anywhere I want to but mostly aroun the house. Recently I pisse in my driveway and wouldn't you know it a car passed by. Whether they saw me or not I don't know, but I was right out in the open. 

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I piss outside all the time.

I live in quite a rural area and have a big yard. Also I go hiking and generally spend time outside a lot.

So I mostly just go where I am. But I look out that there are no people nearby.

Typically I squat down quickly.

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For the last month or so it’s been pretty much every day, usually once, outside, sometimes 2 or 3 depending on opportunities.

Always around the house/garden, front or back - out the front in the morning (dark) or at night, against the bins in the morning when I’ve put them out, in the backyard... I love the freedom 


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On 6/20/2021 at 7:23 PM, pop-a-squat said:

Do you go outside often, if so how often and where is your go to place to pee

When at home, it is either behind the garage, in the garage or on the deck. Sometimes in the driveway at night lol. I go whenever they urge strikes when I'm outside.

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