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Roommates Bedroom Floor

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1 hour ago, pop-a-squat said:

I needed to take a piss and my roommate was in her room hanging out. I knew I needed to piss so I figured I’d see if I could go in her room for a change of pace. I went and knocked on her door and asked her if she needed to piss at all, she said she actually did need to and I told her my reason for coming to her room was to see if she wanted to piss together. She said sure! She told me she wanted to watch first. So I went to the corner of the room and pulled down my pants and squatted down and went for a piss. She watched me as I relieved myself on her bedroom carpet. I finished up and it was time to watch her. 

She walked over to where I just pissed and took her pants off completely then squatted and pissed directly over my puddle. Together we made a nice mess. I enjoyed watching her go piss. 

The last pic is our mutual puddle 





Nice! Can I piss there too? 🙂

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