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How to pee in a big city and hotel?

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I think you should definitely piss off the bed at night when he's sleeping and make a puddle right beside the bed and see if he notices it. So hot to think about. Would love to catch my girl doing this. 

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Go in the elevator later at night and pee in there, or in the stairwell since not many people use it anyway (I've done this, peed a puddle in the corner), in the closet like you said, there's usually a chair so pee in that when he's not in the room and put your luggage over it so he won't notice

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1 hour ago, pop-a-squat said:

I am going on a trip tomorrow to a large city, with a friend who knows about my fetish but thinks it’s weird. He does pee outside a lot but he’s from the country. He doesn’t mind me peeing outside he just thinks the fetish is odd. So I definitely cannot pee in front of him in the hotel room, but somewhere outside possibly. I’m open to suggestions. Or ways to discreetly pee in the hotel. 

Some of my ideas so far include, peeing in the closet while he showers, peeing in the bathtub, peeing on the bathroom floor, moving my butt off the bed when he’s sleeping and peeing on the carpet, alleys in the city or behind dumpsters 

Man, too bad you're not coming to my city! You have a few options. I'll try to categorize it to make it more readable.

In the hotel:

  • In the hotel room itself - you have the floor, the bed itself, and any furniture that might be in the room. (There's also the air-conditioning unit, but maybe save that for when you leave.) As you said, the closet is also a good option.
  • In the hotel, outside of the room, you have the hallway, the stairwell, the elevator, furniture in the lobby....depending on where you're staying, there may be a gym, a sauna, a pool, a hot tub, and so forth.

In the city:

  • In the city (depending on where you are, I don't know) there is public transport, like I've done - if you take a bus, you can pee on the seat or the floor. If you take a train, you can do the same (although this really depends on how busy things are, at least in my experience; I've pissed on a train, but it was a heavy-rail-style train between cities, not the local metro link.)
  • If you decide to rent a car for any reason (again, don't know your plans), well, have at thee. Carshares also fit into this categpry, like Zipcar and Car2Go. (Just be aware that there might be a cleaning fee.) I'm not sure how discreet you can be about this, though.
  • Many cities have parks, but it's curated green space; aside from benches, you may encounter fountains, park playgrounds, sports facilities, etc. Some parks are super large (like Central Park in NY), but many are smaller. There may be opportunities that your friend will be okay with.

Attractions (maybe consider spending a day apart):

  • I don't know what you have planned, but some cities have a ferris-wheel type thing where you can see the city. (Think the London Eye.) You could piss in one of these pods, but be aware that they might have CCTV, and also be aware that the next riders might call you out. But with your friend, you can use the excuse of not being able to hold it.
  • Museums sometimes have combinations of tile and carpet - and while there is likely a lot of CCTV, there are sometimes less-travelled areas. Depending on how crowded it is, you might be able to get away with a squat or two. You may be able to put some distance between you and your friend in this situation, too.
  • Restaurants, of course. You already know what to do. 😉
  • Shopping - perhaps if you're bursting, you could pop into a shop to pop a squat, so to speak. Tell your friend you want to look at a jacket or something. You'd have options - the dressing room, or discreetly squatting in an aisle while pretending to look at something....or even sitting/squatting on a stack of clothes and soaking it (perhaps while checking your phone so as to look less suspicious).
  • Theater/live performance - aim for the balcony seats, if you can! If it's not a packed house, you might never need to leave your seat to do the deed. (Due to the current state of affairs this might be a no-go, but social distance might also help you here.) If you can't go next to your friend, you can always just switch to an empty row behind him and let rip.
  • Bars/clubs - go at night when it's dark. (Due to the current state of affairs this might be a no-go.)

Enjoy your trip. Keep us informed.

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A hotel closet is never a bad option. The safest way to enjoy yourself without being noticed would probably be to pee on the bathroom floor while you take a shower. The running water will hide the piss sound and you can blame the puddle from the shower and soak it up with towels.

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