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Women, What's the furthest distance you have peed horizontally while standing up.

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Another thing, girls/women what was the furthest women's/girls standing pee that you have heard of or witnessed.


For better context to a story, or just bragging rights, Picture And videos are encouraged, but I like a good story if you don't have any videos or pictures.


Oh and another thing. Have any women here peed standing up as a kid without a giant mess or getting scolded, i.e. peeing competitions with your brother or experiences in the woods. stories on this topic are a rarity, so if you have any that would be greatly appreciated. 

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I heard about a girl who accepted a challenge into a height-pissing contest.  All other competitors were male.

She stepped out of her jeans, and dropped her knickers - which earned her applause and wolf whistles - then performed an elegant handstand, parted her legs and sprayed a bold stream on the wall above her.  She was the clear, immediate and undisputed winner.

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