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1 hour ago, gldenwetgoose said:

The other slightly unexpected effect was that within moments of climaxing, I got hit by that voice in my head saying 'what on earth are you doing?'  The desire to wet myself pretty much vanished, although the need to pee was of course back.

Yes! That's exactly what happens! Climax for me kills all sorts of thoughts stone dead. It is weird and disappointing, but there you go.

In any event Goose that was a lovely description of your day. Thanks for that, and I am pleased you got to enjoy your freedom. And 800ml sounds a lot to me 🙂

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Thanks for this great account of what sounds like, and looks like, a very satisfying bit of Goose-time this afternoon! It's great that you managed to get the dual relief you wanted 🙂  

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11 minutes ago, gldenwetgoose said:

I guess "This Week's Experiences" can count for more than one week, right?    I do have a bit of an experience from last week which I may post, but first let's keep things current with one hot off the press.

Today has been another of those working from home days where I'm home alone and have flexibility of how I work - more accurately, how I spend my time between work and browsing here.  Morning was mostly work, and then after lunch some time on the site.  I've been tidying up some of the video clips in the gold gallery which generally involves watching them (tough job I know).  All the time I was sipping on juice and could feel myself filling up.

First link with today was having seen a post earlier today talking about being 'pleasantly full' and that's exactly how I felt - full enough to pee, but not bothered yet.  I had to call out to pick up some medication and took the car. Standing at the chemist I could feel the need to pee more urgently, but still not completely desperate.  I did contemplate going to a local nature spot afterwards for an outdoor pee - it was raining and there are various secluded car parks, but instead I just went on a slightly roundabout drive home, still wanting to hold off the desperation, not quite sure what I had planned.  So I sat down to browse the site.

That's when the inspiration hit me - a post in the 'what girls like to see' category - talking about seeing a guy peeing hands-free onto a hard floor.  Unfortunately the hard floor in the house and the cleaning that would involve wasn't an option, but the garage is pretty much free reign.  So in the garage I closed the door, cleared a little space and put a bucket down on the floor.  I was fairly excited by the idea and the videos I'd been watching of desperate girls squirming about before unleashing their floods had me quite excited too.  Not hard as such, but a little larger than typical of me even despite the cold.

I undid my belt and fly, lowering jeans enough for my dick to hang loosely, and hands-free as requested, then I let go.  It barely took a second before a much more powerful than usual jet of piss shot out slightly sideways, completely missing the bucket and hitting the concrete floor beyond it.  Trying to catch photos on my phone at the same time, I adjusted my aim, a thick fast stream soon splattering into the bucket.  The gush fairly soon dwindled to a stream falling more vertically and missing the bucket short this time.  The whole experience had lasted maybe 20 seconds, certainly no more than thirty, but was incredibly arousing.

As my stream stopped I allowed myself a hand-on moment which turned into more...   but before it got to far I decided to head back into the warmth of the house, where some more hands-on moments hit the spot perfectly relaxing all of the afternoon's anticipation and tension.


Hope you enjoyed sharing this little moment with me - would love to hear of any more inspiring ideas...




I see you. And I'm glad I could be some inspiration. Very exciting! I love your uncut dick pics, by the way. My husband is the same, so I can ONLY imagine. 

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