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Pee related vocab

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Anyone else find that the vocabulary used in pee related stories/ videos is a huge turn on? I find that the talking does almost as much to me as the act itself. I love stories that say things like "let loose", "releases", "torrent", I could go on forever. Let loose has to be my favorite. It really does imply a sense of urgency combined with a sense of "this is gonna come out one way or the other so it's happening here, now, and I don't give a fuck who sees".

I also love it when people talk about how desperate they were, or lack thereof, right before they just start pissing right there. It's a rush as I feel as though I'm living vicariously through the person in the video or character in the story, or watching them as a silent observer. I love hearing how your bladder is torturing you and how you'll pretty much consider anything at the point you're at. I'll throw out a couple suggestions that don't include the toilet and purposely make a friend hold it longer until they say the three magic words "I can't hold it anymore" or " It's coming out" and they let out a beautiful noisy stream. 

Vocab is fucking everything.

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Really, I think it is just helping to develop the imagery in your mind.  The words used to describe an event or circumstance help us to visualize or envision it.   This is no different then comparing a well written novel to one that is lack luster.  Words and descriptions are designed to create a mental and picture in one's mind.  If we read the words "stream" or "torrent" clearly our mind will assign a different mental image to each.  This is the basic premise that has set good writers aside from bad for thousands or years and is the basic premise of written language.  Not trying to say your wrong, because you are not, and infact you are absolutely right, but this applies to any literary subject, not just pissing. 

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Great topic! I always like hearing a women use the word pee. I also like when they use more dainty words like tinkle or say they have to "use the ladies room." That said, restroom to me is something of a turnoff (ok not quite a turnoff lol) because to me it indicates someone so conservative about it all that the chances of seeing anything or hearing anything more is extremely remote.

Another one for me that I find odd is that I love when a girl says she is going to "pee my pants." But for reasons I can't pinpoint, adding the in and saying she is going to "pee in my pants" up the excitement for me tenfold.

In general though, if well spoken, most vocabulary will do. Mostly I'm not a fan of the girls who just get angry about it all.

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One of my favorite things about having this fetish is all the different euphemisms for peeing. 


Some of my favorites include pee, piss, tinkle, pinkeln (German word for piss), take a whizz, spend a kopek, and plenty of others I don't have the time to list.

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Context matters too.  The word 'go' can be enough.  (I was once walking a female friend home at night.  She kept talking about how much she wished she had gone to the toilet before she left.  Of course the queue had been far too long.  There came a time when she told me yet again that she really needed to wee.  Until then I'd encouraged her to hang on, telling her we'd soon get to her house.  But then, mischievously, I simply said, well, go on then.  She immediately lost it and completely went in her knickers, splattering a huge puddle on the pavement between her feet.) 

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