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On 7/18/2022 at 10:59 AM, oliver2 said:

Ooh I have lots: against a wall or a tree to leave a mark, especially if there’s concrete or something for the piss to accumulate

Peeing on a wall, a tree, or someplace you can see it accumulate or form a puddle, is great. One place I love to pee is stairs near an abandoned building. I ❤ to watch the piss make its way from the top step, down to the ground level. I did that today.

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It's winter time here and I just love peeing in the snow. Today I was driving and felt the urge to go so I pulled over to the next rest area. I got out of the car and walked to the bank of snow next to my car, choosing a spot with pure white snow. There were quite a lot of yellow spots already on that long bank of snow from other desperate guys like me (or maybe women too?). I unzipped, pulled out my cock and felt the cold air on it while firmly gripping it. I soon started to pee and I watched my stream fly into the snow, turning it yellow. I made quite a hole in the snow until the stream ended and I gave my cock a good shake, watching the last drops fall a bit closer to my feet. I then tucked my dick back into my warm undies.

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