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Does anyone in your life encourage your naughty peeing?

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My wife is the only one who knows about my kink but in a sense me and my god father joke about it all the time since were both irrigators and when you stare at running water all day sometimes you just can't make it to a public bathroom so for us the world is our toilet.

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I do most of the encouraging to my friend who gets drunk alot. I don't push too hard or make it a big deal. There was once someone in my life where we shared the same fetish, but shes gone now. Too bad, I feel like pee is one of the more common kinks but no one I meet is into it.

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I have a buddy on here that encourages me to explore places I can have a naughty pee sometimes 🤭 there's tons of other dudes in my inbox all the time that try too but it's different coming from them. I've actually tried (and failed lol) peeing for them in a fitting room. But in reality if I had the right conditions I'd pee anywhere for them.

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5 hours ago, Bacardi said:

...there's tons of other dudes in my inbox all the time that try too but it's different coming from them.

Don't mean to be a kill-joy, but if having all those dudes messaging you ever gets too much - if you find yourself feeling it's too much, or especially if any of those dudes overstep the mark and get a little inappropriate with the comments then please do report it.

Having guys enjoying chatting and posting openly is absolutely what the site is about - being harassed in private messages would be something entirely different.

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17 minutes ago, ukpeegirl86 said:

I once peed in the corner of a room as a dare at a party. It puddled on the carpet and got the bottom of their curtains too. Other than that I've never been encouraged as such. 

Sounds like it was a fun party - but were you ever invited back?!

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At this point in my life, (to the best of my knowledge) no one (in my real-world life) knows about / is aware of my naughty peeing. 

There are several people I've become online friends with over the years who do know about my peeing activities; we do actively encourage each other to try new peeing in new and unusual places.

In my youth, there was a game I played (a cross between duck-duck-goose and truth-or-dare) with a number of friends; there were quite a few dares which involved peeing.

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