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Kupar's Peeing Exploits

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For an hour or so this afternoon, the combination of a cancelled meeting and the sun coming out meant I could take advantage of the hidden-away part of my garden to top up an all-over tan. As I lay on my back on a reclining chair, eyes closed, listening to the swifts screaming overhead and feeling the gentle warm breeze on my body, and soaking up the rays, I felt an unmistakeable twinge in my bladder.

I reckoned I had four main choices:

  • hold, and enjoy the holding for a while
  • get up off my chair and go for a pee in indoors in the toilet
  • get up off the chair and pee in one of my favourite spots in the garden, or
  • just pee.

I chose the last option. I didn't move. I didn't even open my eyes. I just relaxed and felt the warm liquid run across and round my thigh, sensing it soak through the mesh fabric of the recliner and hearing it drip on to the grass below me. The mild bladder tension melted away, taking any residual stresses with it (though to be fair, there weren't all that many today). As sensory experiences go, it was pretty good - I focused on savouring the feelings - both physical and mental - of letting go and relaxing completely. Sometimes peeing seems to be able take you to a different plane: if not tantric peeing, then maybe zen peeing.


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2 hours ago, UnabashedUser said:

Enjoy female fluids as often as I can .

"....After a brief moment of rest, I slide down to savor her pussy and our combination of spendings -- my nose sucking in the fragrances of warm cum, vaginal liquids, female piss, the faint whiff of ass --as I dive into her sopping muff to lick and nuzzle and taste it all."

Here's a pee-and-cum outdoors video I shot early this year...



On 7/21/2021 at 11:55 AM, Kupar said:

I'm home alone for the first time in ages and the weather is warm, so I've spent most of the day so far naked, doing some jobs around the house. One of the nice things I've done is bottle a second batch of strawberry wine. There a lot of washing and sterilising and rinsing of equipment and bottles to do, so it's not surprising that all that sound of splashing puts me in the mood for a pee. 

I've set up a camera to record a 'nonchalant' style pee in the kitchen before, and this one is quite similar although here I'm not wearing anything - oh, and I peed on my foot and paddled a little too, for fun. Started getting a bit excited, so switched the camera off ...

Sorry the quality's not great, but anyway - those of you who do, please enjoy


A little more excited in profile 1.jpg

Peeing on my foot 1.jpg

The flow starts 1.jpg

Free peeing is so hot! 

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13 minutes ago, speedy3471 said:

Well done as always sir. Nice green grass you have lol

Thank you! And contrary to what you might be thinking, I haven't had to, err, water it systematically this summer 🙂 

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There’s really nothing better is there….

As it happens, I’m currently sat in a garden chair, in my own little world with a beer or two. Only difference is it’s night (but still very warm) and I’ve got a pair of jeans shorts on… I’m not intending moving any time soon.

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