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Did your parents encourage you to pee outside or forbid it?

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I am sort of jealous of all of you that were permitted to pee outdoors. My parents were really hard core that one peed only in the toilet. Peeing outdoors or any place else was strictly forbidden. And God forbid if we showed any sign of desperation such as holding ourselves.  We were admonished  to grow up and control ourselves . If we wet our pants it was even worse, and we were punished. Thankfully the few times I wet my pants as a child ( in part because I was afraid to go outside, or appear weak by expressing my need to go)  my clothes dried before they saw me.

On the other hand  did any peeing other than the toilet being absolutely prohibited contribute to my enjoying all of that as an adult ? 

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On 2/3/2021 at 10:53 PM, pop-a-squat said:

My brother was told by our parents to piss outside of his bedroom window, it was on the bottom floor and faced the backyard. His window was low, and our only bathroom was upstairs. They also encouraged us to pee in the yard and the shed. One time my parents found out my cousin and I were peeing in the closet on the soft wood floor and asked us to start peeing out my window if we weren’t gonna leave the room. I was on the second floor and my window also faced the backyard. There was a house behind us but they knew me well and wouldn’t have been surprised to see me piss out the window. But instead my cousin and I kept peeing in the closet. When I was very young my mom taught me to just squat in the yard, I have a funny memory of me peeing in the front garden, I didn’t know any better that it was supposed to be totally private and I just got off the school bus, went to the garden and popped a squat. My mom would sometimes let us pee in the movie theater as well. She hated missing the movie. She would encourage us to pee in our empty soda cups but if they weren’t empty she’d have us go in the corner by the wall or off the edge of our seat. 

As I get older my parents have become even more liberal with the peeing thing. My dad has drunkenly pissed in my closet at my house, my mom has pissed in a potted plant in the living room when my dad was in the shower, my dad will go pee in my basement if he needs to, and my mom almost always goes in my driveway when she first comes over. She usually cannot hold it long enough to knock or unlock the door. Then we all have peed on my parents patio, I have sat in the patio chair and just peed onto the cement. My mom usually likes to squat in the corner of the patio. And my dad and brother will pee against the house. 

When I was a teenager my brother was older than me, and would often get drunk and pee around the house and my parents wouldn’t scold him. One time his gf and him were drinking and they were both peeing in the kitchen sink LOL. She was sitting over the edge of the sink/counter and he was standing up. Me, my mom and dad all witnessed that. We were just getting home. My brother would regularly get drunk and pee in this closet near our upstairs bathroom. He would get confused and piss on the storage bins. 

It also wasn’t uncommon for our dad to pee in bottles while driving. Same with my brother in the car. My dad would try to give me a large cup to pee into if I needed to go and I’d usually miss and get it on the floor. Now we don’t even bother with that, we all buy used cars and just piss on the floor now that we are all adults. We took a 12 hour road trip last summer and made it in ten hours and didn’t need to stop to pee once! We only went through a drive thru for food. My dad would drive most of the way, my mom would sit passenger and we had three rows in their car and I’d sit in the way back and my bro would sit in the middle row. This made it so we didn’t really see each other pee. Not that I haven’t seen them but still. 

Im trying to get my mom to be more comfortable peeing in her living room and in my house. She has bladder control issues now that she’s older and I’m trying to teach her it’s okay. She has a recliner in the back corner of her living room, she could sit off the edge and pee or pee beside it. She could piss in the large closet attached to the living room. She could sit on the edge of her large potted plants. And at my house I don’t really care where she pees haha. I’ve talked to my dad about my moms peeing issues and he said he doesn’t have a problem with her going in the house, she just feels weird about it.

Did you feel good

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I was trained and asked to pee in the toilet when one was available, but as my parents loved being outdoors, we frequently spent long hours hiking or playing in the forests. When my brother and I had to pee and no facilities were around, we were just encouraged to go to the nearest bush or tree, or just on the side of the pathway.

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I remember when me and my brother were younger, we would sometimes have a little paddling pool in the back garden. Although our garden isn't exactly private, I remember that on more than one occasion we were told to just pee on the grass. We would've been either completely naked or in our underwear so that was probably why it was ok. (We were younger than 3 and 5 years old so it wasn't that big a deal at the time)

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12 hours ago, felicia1234 said:

My mom forbade it even if it was an emergency. Said that only boys do that and never girls. Not ladylike.

No offense, but your mother sounds lame.

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I was never really encouraged to pee outside by either parent. I was probably 8 when i learned that I rather squat in the grass instead of using a toilet so I always would sneak off in the yard multiple times a day to have a squat and pee. I'm sure that one of my parents saw pee puddles on the dirt or in the gravel, especially if I used the same area throughout the day. No parent said anything to me about it, so I guess it was fine. 

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