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Where to pee on a festival

Where to pee on a festival?  

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  1. 1. Where would you pee on a festival?

    • The toilet
    • Next to the pathway
    • A little further away behind a bush
    • I can easily hold it til im home

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I have not actually been to a festival, but if I did, then I would follow the lead of others.  i.e. if other people are peeing next to the path then I would certainly join them, but I probably wouldn't be the first person to just stop next to a busy path and start peeing.   If there was no obvious peeing going on then I would go behind a bush/dumpster/lorry/whatever, but I almost definitely wouldn't use the toilets and I'm absolutely not waiting until I get home!


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7 hours ago, igelkott said:

I would recommend you to visit the big Roskilde festival in Denmark. Everybody's peeing everywhere there - guys and girls! And nobody cares...

It's on my list of places to go. I'd love to do the naked run they hold there too 🙂

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I think there'd be a great need at these events for those to escort women to locations hidden from view. It kinda puts a whole new spin on the term 'bush guide'. 

I doubt if there'll be any shortage of volunteers.

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1 hour ago, pguy2981 said:

I'm surprised there isn't a fifth option where we can pee in the crowd. I've never been to a festival but I can imagine myself not wanting to wait too long and wet myself. While people are raving, maybe I'll just do it right there  and no one will notice?

A friend of my actually did that. She once confessed she would wear leather pants and just let it run. She said when you are standing all the way in the front it was almost impossible to get out, and if you did, it was impossible to get back in and find your friends. 

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I’ve been to quite a few festivals in my time - I give my vote to in the bushes, as this is where the majority of my festival pisses have occurred. That said, I have also done so in the toilets and by the pathway at them, too. 

My most brazen was at Reading festival and just before heading into the crowd for one of the headline acts, after a day on the beer my need to piss was heightened, and inhibitions suitably lowered.. I didn’t want to trek to the toilets, and so, with the vague cover of sunset I literally just whipped in out and hurriedly pissed on the grass floor of the arena - many people milling about, but no one said anything - before then heading into the crowd itself. It was such a rush, urinating in front of others like that, so I was very pleased with my decision. 

I do very much enjoy the carefree nature of festivals, where casual pissing is much more accepted/turned a blind eye to. It’s not a proper festival experience until you’ve had a non-toilet piss there!

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