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Watching my girlfriend (long stories!)

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Great description of the "Stau" - with which I am all too familiar on German Autobahns! Only thing that surprises me is that more women hadn't done it earlier! Good on your GF 🙂

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I was quite surprised as well to be honest! To be fair, I did see a couple of girls pee earlier, but they were far in the distance, on a spot where the hill wasn't so steep. So they could jump the guardrail and pee in a bush. But near our car, it was only guys, until my gf went.. 

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1 hour ago, JDG said:

Ofcourse this holiday also came to an end. As after last holiday, the next months didn't give me any special sightings. She kept pissing in the shower, but that was it. But then corona happened. My girlfriend lives with her mother, who is in a risky group. So to protect her mother, we decided that for the time being we wouldn't visit each other anymore. We did a lot of video calling, but after almost 2 months of not seeing each other, we were fed up with the situation and decided to meet up somewhere outdoors where we could have a walk while still being able to keep social distancing.

We met up somewhere halfway through our houses, where there was a lot of nature. First, we talked a lot and ate and drank will sitting at a picknick table. It was very good to finally see eachother again. Despite we wanted to keep social distancing for her mother's sake, we couldn't help but share a few kisses. We then took a long walk through a forest, close to where our cars were parked. The weather was also very nice at we enjoyed every single moment. At the end of our walk, I announced that I had to pee. She said "sure, go for it" and I peed on a tree next to the path. My gf said she needed to pee as well, but not that much. She said she'd hold it, as the path we were walking on didn't offer enough privacy for her taste. There weren't any really bushy areas where she could hide either.

However, when we were back at our cars, she announced that she needed to go more then she initially thought. Our cars were parked on a parking lot, which was made of cobblestones rather then tarmac. She squatted down between both our cars and peed a nice stream onto the cobblestones. The puddle spread out between both our cars, making it almost impossible for me to step into my car without standing in her piss. Because of grooves in the cobblestones, her pee spread out over the parking lot quite quickly. This time, we didn't have tissues on us, so this time she just wiggled her ass a little bit to drip dry and pulled her pants back up. We shared one final kiss and we both stepped in our car and left.

I sense she is starting to give you a show pretty often by this stage 🙂 

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1 hour ago, Kupar said:

I sense she is starting to give you a show pretty often by this stage 🙂 

She still claims that 95% of the reason she does all this peeing in swimming pools, parking lots and what not is purely out of convenience. Even the shower peeing is just that according to her.

But she does have a lot of fun with it and also really enjoys me getting aroused by it. We often have sex afterwards, so maybe she just doesn't want to admit it's arousing for her as well😁

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21 hours ago, JDG said:

After this, it was the summer of 2020 and cases were going down. We got relaxations in our country, so we decided we would sleep over at each other's place again. That meant we didn't have to do all this walking, driving and sitting in the car anymore. We were obviously very happy with that. However, it also meant there was no more outdoor peeing, as we were in our house now and obviously had a toilet there. Towards the end of the summer however, we went on a holiday. As there were still travel restrictions in place, which we wanted to respect. We also weren't comfortable with travelling abroad. That meant we rented an apartment in our own country on a holiday park. Even though it wasn't anything spectacular, it was great fun.

The holiday park also had a swimming pool. There were still government restrictions in place for sporting facilities and also a pool was considered just that, also when it was a pool to enjoy yourself instead of working out. It meant you had to make a reservation. We did that twice during our holiday. The first time nothing happened, but the second time was better! We were in the pool and there were only 2 other couples in there. The pool was quite small, with one communal changing room with 3 small cubicles to change in. Because of the corona measures, these cubicles were closed and you had to change in the communal room. Also, they created a one way walking system. You entered in what was usually the communal room for males and had to exit through what usually was the female communal room.

As said, there were 2 other couples. About half an hour before our time slot ended, the first couple left and went into the communal room to dry and change into normal clothes. My girlfriend told me "let's get out after them, we still have to cook our dinner and I also want to pee when we are back in our apartment". I said "sure". It took the couple about 10 minutes to finish. We were preparing to go out now, but the other couple beat us to it and exited the pool before us. They also had a small child, so we figured it would take them around 20 minutes to finish. We were in no rush, so went back into the jacuzzi part of the pool. My girlfriend looked at me and said "looks like we're stuck here for a while, guess I'll just piss in the water then". She looked around the pool, then asked "wanna feel??" and without even waiting for an answer grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs. I didn't see a cloud forming in the water as we had a lot of drinks, but I did feel the water becoming much warmer. Unfortunately, it wasn't a long pee and it lasted for around 10 seconds. She asked me if I enjoyed it, gave me a quick kiss and we waited till the last couple left. We went to the communal room, changed as quick as we could and had some wonderful sex when we returned to our apartment.

Would love for my girl to do this! She’s not in to peeing like I am but I have got her to pee in the shower a few times

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I love the long detailed stories s out your gf peeing. I especially enjoyed the ones where she peed on you. The one where she was sitting on your leg in the water and you didn't let her up so she peed on your leg got me hard . This is a life long unfulfilled fantasy of mine.

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By the way, I am nearing her most recent pee now. There is only 4 more "special occasions" (by which I mean outside of the shower and toilet) that I need to describe until I am completely up to date with everything I have seen from her. Until now, she has complied with all of my requests (which were actually not that much, just the shower peeing before we turn on the water and to pee on tarmac/cobblestones rather then in the bushes when we do roadtrips) so I thought maybe you guys have a request for her? 

Please do note that I am NOT planning on taking and posting her pictures on here as I value our privacy too much to do so. It will be stories only. 

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