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My Desperate Morning Drive

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55 minutes ago, Sammilove said:

The day started like any other. Wake up. Make coffee. Drink a cup or two. Shower. Do my make up. Go to work. Nothing special about today. Except for whatever reason, my body said it needed water. So I filled my nalgene and took a big drink. Like really big. Almost half of it. (It’s a 32oz bottle.)

I refilled it and headed out to start my car. There was a little bit of frost on my car so I cleaned it off quickly while freezing. Once it was cleaned off, I headed to work. Usually a 20 minute drive tops but today took almost 45 minutes because of a wreck. I came upon the wreck fairly early into my drive. Both lanes weren’t moving and I was stuck on the inside. 

I sat for roughly 10 minutes before I felt a very remote need to pee. Must be the coffee I thought to myself. The need quickly grew from a 2/10 to a 5/10 in just a few minutes. Uh oh. Traffic was starting to move slowly by this point. If traffic was flowing like normal, I was still a good 15 minutes away. I had completely forgot about the water until I went to grab another sip of it. “Oh hell, have I drank that much!?” It was half empty again. 

No wonder the urge was building so quickly. Roughly 32oz of water in 20 minutes or so sitting on roughly 2 cups of coffee. I’d been on the road now for a good 25 minutes now and I was starting to need to pee pretty bad. I was starting to become uncomfortable with the feeling which meant I was around a 6.5/10. It was only gonna get worse from here and traffic was still barely moving.

I was starting to become concerned. My bladder was filling fast. The coffee was making me it’s b***h. Literally. I was starting to have to press my thighs together. I undid my belt hoping to relieve some pressure. It didn’t help any. The caffeine was already making me energetic but my bladder was turning that energy into panicky frustration. 

We finally came upon the wreck. Someone he ran into a telephone pole and it was blocking a lane. Police and fire trucks were there. If I had to guess it fell across both lanes and they cleared it enough for us to get by. Thank the heavens! Traffic was moving again! 

I was only about 5 minutes away from the store now but my bladder was screaming at me. I was at least an 8/10 now. I knew I was going to make it but I was worried I might spurt a bit. I was searching my car for something to protect my leather seats if that did happen. I usually keep a towel in the back seatwhen I take my dogs to the park. But for whatever reason I took it out and never brought it back. 

I found a plastic Walmart bag and promptly shoved it under me as I squirmed trying to get comfortable. My car is a manual so I didn’t have a free hand to help hold the pee back if we were moving. 

I was at the traffic light by work when I felt a spurt escape. I panicked. “No! No! No! I’m RIGHT here!” I shouted to myself. Thankfully, I was stopped so I could use my hands to regain control. I was in genuine distress at this point. My bladder hurt. My muscles were getting tired and weak. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to just break down and cry. “But big girls don’t cry and definitely don’t pee theirpants.” That’s the only thought that kept me from crying. And the fact that I could see the store helped a little bit.

I pulled into the store parking lot and threw the car into neutral and pulled the e-brake so hard I thought I broke it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be at work. I gathered my bag andcomputer and literally ran inside. My opening cashier greeted me but I only responded with “I’m about to burst! Watch my stuff for a sec!” As I dropped my stuff on the counter and ran to the employee restroom. 

I ripped open the door and yanked my pants down as fast as I could. I think had started to pee before I was even sitting on the toilet seat. The relief was sogreat I let out a little moan. I caught myself after a second hoping my cashier didn’t hear me almost orgasm from peeing. I finished after a minute or so and inspected my underwear. Just a tiny droplet had escaped and didn’t show on my tan pants even slightly. I gathered myself and returned to the front to grab my belongings.

”You look like a new woman.” Said my cashier.

”You have no idea. I drank too much coffee and got stuck behind a wreck. I thought I was going to explode.” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve done that a time or two. I’m glad you feel better!”

”Thanks. I’m going to go do my paperwork andorders. Give me a shout if you need me!”

I didn’t even think to look in the mirror but my face felt like it was on fire. I didn’t even think to look. I pulled out my pocket mirror once I got to my office and holy cow was I blushing. Hopefully I’m smarter in the future with my coffee and water intake before work. That was too close for comfort when it comes to work haha. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my near-accident.

Wow! I lived every second of that with you ... a great account - thanks!

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40 minutes ago, Sammilove said:

and hope you enjoyed my near-accident.

Very well written, I sure did enjoy reading it! Thanks for posting!

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WOW thank you for providing such a vivid image of your distress. 

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I can almost picture your crazy dash from your car to the bathroom.Glad you made it.It must have been such a relief.Bet you couldn't have got those pants down any quicker.Roughly how long did you pee for?

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