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The Girl In The Club

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I am so glad that you wrote the second part!

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8 minutes ago, bpb said:

I am so glad that you wrote the second part!

it may continue, what do you think?

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23 minutes ago, owlman76 said:

it may continue, what do you think?

Sexy I reckoned!

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Part Four


Ellie and I met in the pub as planned, she told me about her day and how not only had she got her perverted old boss to buy her yet more clothing but also to cough up fifty quid for us a night out, what was not to like about that?

We had a few drinks and decided to stay for a pub meal, she wasn't bothered about not being able to go to the toilet, she'd just go in her suit and besides, she then had another idea, tomorrow she'd leave her wet black boots under her desk, no doubt after hearing of her night out he'd enjoy wanking over them.

By the end of the night she'd pissed herself several times and her boots were filling up nicely, as we came out of the pub we walked past her office and the lights were still on, she giggled at this, her boss was really making a meal of his time alone with her boots, suddenly a thought struck her and she rang the bell, a few minutes later her boss answered the door, “oh it's you, I wondered who it was, I was just catching up with some paperwork” he told her, he looked a little flushed at seeing her, then he noticed me, “ah, this must be your boyfriend, lucky chap” he continued.

Ellie squirmed slightly, “yes thats right, I'm glad you're here, you see I have a little problem, I need to use the loo and well I could hardly strip off in the pub toilets could I” he looked at her, “well couldn't you have just done what you did before?” he asked, she shook her head, “not this time, not after the meal we've eaten, if you know what I mean” he grinned, “of course, come in”.

Ellie smiled, “I only hope my boots don't make a mess, they're rather full I'm afraid”. We headed into the office and she took off her little black boots followed by her jumper and finally her leggings, “won't be long, I really do need to go” she giggled, a loud fart erupted from her pert bottom as if to emphasise her urgency”.

I glanced discretely at him as, clad only in the tight red suit she rushed off to the toilet, his eyes never left her rear, clearly he liked what he saw, at that moment I decided to have a little bit of fun with him, “won't be a minute, I just have to nip to the shop for some cigarettes before they close” I said, leaving the room and closing the door behind me, quietly I nipped into the toilet, as I expected Ellie was having trouble getting out of the tight rubber suit, “oh, thank god you're here, I thought I was going to have to shout you, I can't get the bloody thing off and it's gettting urgent” she whimpered.

I smiled, “I thought as much, anyway I've just told your boss that I'm popping out for some cigarettes, so I suggest you shout him, I'll give you five minutes then come back, lets see how he reacts to being asked to help you out of your suit”

OK then, besides I like teasing him” she replied, “good, because I've got a really fun idea for later on” I said, as I headed out of the door.

hello are you there” Ellie yelled, knowing full well that I wasn't, naturally I didn't answer so she called out again, “hello, please help me” again no answer, her calls however did not go unheard, her boss heard them, but he was busy wanking off over her piss filled boots, hoping he could satisfy his perverted needs before one of us returned!

oh please, someone, anyone, I'm about to have a very nasty accident, help me” she called out, SPLAT, hearing her yelling she was about to have an accident caused him to deposit a massive load of cum into her boot, it floated like egg white on top of the piss already in there, pulling his pants up he hurried to the toilet and opened the outer door, “everything alright Ellie?” he called, “no it isn't, I can't get this suit off and I'm on the verge of having a very nasty accident, you'll have to help me” she replied, “are you sure?” he asked, “just get in here and get this bloody thing off me” she squealed.


He didn't need telling twice and within seconds he was inside the toilet, his hands trembled as he helped Ellie divest herself of the clinging red rubber, so keen was sh to get it down that her panties almost came with it, he stood staring unable to believe his eyes as she stood in front of the toilet clad only in her very wet bikini panties, the suit round her feet.

Suddenly he came to his senses, turned and left, closing the door behind him, a few minutes later I re-entered the office and he was sitting behind his desk, the door opened and in walked Ellie, naked apart from her panties, “Ellie, what are you doing?” I asked, pretending to be shocked, “oh it's ok, I thought I'd get changed, and he's seen me like this a few minutes ago, he had to help me out of my suit” she giggled. She picked up the bags containing the underwear and the boots and returned to the toilets, a clicking sound on the corridor floor five minutes later announced her return.

She looked absolutely stunning in the new outfit, I could hardly wait to get her home and have some fun, neither could she judging by the way she wiggled her pert bottom as she walked in.The gasp from her boss suddenly reminded us we were not alone and she perched on the corner of her desk swinging one of her booted legs provocatively, “I wouldn't mind another drink” she purred, I looked at my watch, I'd just make it to the shop before they closed in five minutes, leaving her sitting on the desk I hurried from the room leaving her boss practically drooling over the sight in front of him.

I returned a few minutes later with a couple of bottles of wine, her boss brought out three glasses obviously he was intending on joining us for a drink. I poured the wine and sat down in her chair behind the desk, she came over and sat down on my knee, I reached out with my free hand and gave her left tit a playful squeeze, her boss sat in silence his eyes glued to Ellie's pert tits clad in the flimsy silk top. I placed my glass on the desk and discretely undid my jeans allowing my cock it's freedom, totally hidden from her boss as he sat behind his desk, Ellie didn't need any persuasion and stood up to top up her wine, as she sat back down I guided my cock into her sopping cunt, she groaned as she sat down and then using her cunt muscles began to massage my cock, once or twice she shifted her position slightly allowing me to thrust deep inside her, I shot my load deep inside her and then felt her little white silk panties become very damp, she too had climaxed.

She remained sitting for a few more minutes before announcing that she needed a piss, “my boss likes it when I say 'piss' rather than 'wee', don't you, she said, in fact he likes it even more when I piss in my pants, that's how come I ended up with this new underwear, I pissed my pants and he bought it for me, and the boots too” she giggled, pretending to be drunk.

I pulled her to me and whispered in her ear, she giggled and replied, “well if you're sure, I don't think he'd mind at all” She stepped round the front of her desk and paraded up and down the small office several times, “ooh I really do need to piss” she giggled, then to her boss, “my fella reckons I should just do it in my new panties, what do you think?

He looked at me unsure what to say, “it's up to you, it's your office” I told him. “well young lady I think you should do whatever you want, but I must say if I was your boyfriend I think I'd have to give you a spanking for wetting yourself”, he seemed to relish saying this and I began to wonder if he had other idea's, well we'd soon find out.

Ellie stopped in the middle of the floor and parted her legs a little, “here watch this, all down my legs and into my boots” she giggled as she began to piss in her panties, sure enough it ran down her thighs and into her long white boots, when she'd finished she bent over her bosses desk and wiggled her bottom provocatively, “well, are you going to spank me, or is he?” she giggled.

I walked over and felt between her legs, as I expected her panties were soaked, I pulled them down a little and playfully began to spank her firm bottom, her boss couldn't believe what was happening.

ooh please stop it, you'll make me cum in a minute” she gasped, I pulled her panties back up and then undid my jeans again and hurriedly rammed my erection into her and began to fuck her over the desk, her boss by now had taken out his cock and began to wank furiously, he was just about to cum when Ellie beckoned for him to stand up and put his cock in her mouth, I was still pounding away at her from behind, suddenly she gave a little cough as he shot his load into her pretty mouth, knowing he was filling it with his cum caused me to shoot my load deep into her sopping cunt.

I slipped out of her and slid my still erect cock upward a little until I felt it touch her tight little arsehole, a slight push and I was in, she let out a little gasp as I entered, “there we go now you can say you've been fucked in all three holes in one night” I grunted as I slowly slid in and out of her tight little arse, all the while she continued to suck on her bosses cock, “three holes?” he said sounding a little puzzled.

yes, that's right, I fucked her dripping little cunt as you were fucking her mouth, and now I'm fucking her tight little arsehole, it feels even better than it looks, you should try it” I replied, Ellie let out a little gasp as I buried my cock up to the hilt, “oh god” her boss gasped, Ellie's sudden cough told me that the thought of him getting his cock up her arse had caused him to ejaculate in her mouth, it must have been a lot because as I looked over her shoulder I could see it dripping from the corner of her mouth.


Shortly after I spent my load deep inside her little brown hole, fastened my jeans and sat down on her chair, Ellie finished what she was doing and came and sat on the edge of the desk beside me, a huge smile on her face.

She poured another glass of wine and took a long swallow, “urgh, there's cum leaking into my new panties and it's not from my cunt” she giggled. She then looked across at her boss, “would you really like to fuck my tight little arse then?” she giggled, he nodded, “of course, who wouldn't”.

She turned to me and after another sip of wine she asked, “would you really not mind if he fucked my arse then?” I paused and looked over at her boss, he looked rather nervous at this point, “well, he has bought you some rather sexy outfits so I suppose he's earned it, and I'm sure he'd like to buy you some more 'office clothes' I replied. She nodded, “ok then, only not tonight, tomorrow morning I think” she stood up and put on her coat over her underwear, thankfully it came down to her knees so nobody would know she was only wearing her underwear beneath, “come on, we don't want to miss the last bus, you can pick up the car in the morning” she said then just when I thought she was about to leave she opened her coat reached down and pulled her panties to one side, “better go before we leave, I wouldn't want to be desperate on the bus, we wouldn't want me having an accident” she giggled as she began to piss on the office floor. Finished she turned and opened the door, “oh, just one thing, make sure you clean my boots before I arrive, I don't want to be walking round with your spunk in them” she giggled, clearly she'd noticed what her boss had been up to while she was in the toilet earlier.



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Part Five


The following morning Ellie arrived for work early, her red suit and boots had obviously been well cleaned and were hanging from the coat rack in her office, her black boots however were still on the floor where she'd left them, still full of piss and covered in cum stains, she wasn't happy!

Slipping off her long coat she hung it up and sat behind her desk, she was still dressed in the same outfit from the previous evening, the white cami top, white french knickers and white hold up stockings with the long white boots. The panties were quite heavily stained from the night before and there was some small marks on her boots.

About half an hour later the office door opened and in walked her boss, he had a spring in his step and was rather more cheerful than usual, “morning sexy” he said, giving Ellie a huge smile. She glared back at him, “don't morning me you prick, when I left last night I told you to make sure my boots were clean for today, and they are not”. He looked at Ellie and the shocked expression on his face was clear to see, “but look” he said pointing to the coat rack, “your suit and boots are pristine, not a mark on them”.

ENOUGH” barked Ellie, “what about my little black boots, the ones that I paid for, look at them, still full of piss, and I notice theres even more of your filthy cum on them, I said I wanted them cleaning”. She stood up and marched round her desk, she poked at one of the little black boots with the toe of her long white ones and then deliberately knocked it over, followed by the other one!

I suppose you still think you're going to get your little treat today, well you're not, not until my boots are nice and clean, and if they won't clean then you'll buy me some more, do you understand!” He looked at her sheepishly, “yes Ellie, I understand”, Ellie smiled, “good, and you can call me mistress in future, is that clear”. “yes Ellie, I mean mistress” he replied, completely submissive to her orders, she smiled again, “good, now get those boots cleaned”.

Ellie returned to her seat and switched on her computer, she opened a web page she'd been looking at several times before, it was a fetish clothing site, but also sold some very nice normal clothing, nice but very expensive.

She looked over towards her bosses desk, he was busy polishing her boots, to be fair he was making an excellent job of them, but she was going to have her fun, fun at his expense. The phone rang, it was a sales enquiry, she transferred the call to his desk, “deal with that, I'm busy” she barked as she continued to look at the online catalogue, adding various items to the virtual shopping basket, the cost was mounting, but what the hell, he could afford it.

He ended the call and gave her boots a final polish with a soft cloth before bringing them over to Ellie's desk, “here you are mistress” he said quietly as he placed the boots on her desk, she picked them up and looked at them, “not bad, now come here” she said, rising from her chair.

He quickly made his way to her side of the desk and stood looking at the floor, the sight of her in her stained white underwear and long white boots caused him to get an erection, Ellie noticed this instantly. “so you think it's acceptable that your mistress should have to sit in her dirty panties all day do you? Even more disgusting is the fact it appears to turn you on you pathetic little worm, yes worm, from now on you will answer to that name, do you understand me, WORM!”

He didn't look up but nodded his head, “yes mistress, I understand”. Ellie thought for a minute or two, she was really enjoying this now, the power, the control, it made up for all the times she'd had to put up with his leering and crude comments.

She reached out and picked up one of the little black boots off her desk and handed it to him, “now worm, mistress needs to piss, hold this” he took the boot from her and held it in his hand savouring the feel of the soft boot in his hand.

Ellie's harsh voice brought him back to reality, “I said I need to piss worm, so hold the boot for me” she barked, “but I am holding it mistress” he replied, “not there, hold it under my cunt you fool, or do you expect me to piss on the floor?”. He reached out and gently pressed the boot between her legs, as she began to piss she noticed the bulge in his trousers growing larger, finally when she'd finished he took the boot from between her legs and stood holding it in his hands.

Ellie looked down at the front of her panties, naturally they were wet, “are you stupid worm!” she snarled, “look what you've done, do you seriously expect me to sit here all day in these, all soaking with piss!” he shook his head, “sorry mistress, I didn't think”, “no you didn't, you were too busy thinking your disgusting thoughts no doubt, otherwise I wouldn't have pissed in my pants would I !”

Standing there looking so pathetic Ellie felt a different wetness inside her already soaking panties and realised she was probably as aroused as he was. “right worm, tip that boot into the bin and bring it back here” she ordered, he quickly did as he was told, “now, take off my panties” she instructed, he slowly and gently slid her wet panties down her legs, she raised one foot at a time and stepped out of them. “good, now I am going to reward you for cleaning my boots earlier, although I am not quite sure you deserve it, would you like a reward?” he nodded, “please mistress”, she smiled “good worm, I like it when you show me respect, now drop your trousers and sit on the end of my desk, I think, judging by that nast disgusting bulge in your pants it's time you had a fuck”, “oh thank you mistress, thank you very much indeed” he replied excitedly, “not so fast, you don't think that cleaning a pair of boots gives a miserable worm like you the right to fuck me do you?”.

Before he could reply she took the boot and stuffed her panties into it and threw it to him, “here, you can fuck my boot, have you ever fucked a boot before, oh yes, of course you have, you've fucked mine on several occassions, in fact I bet you did it last night after we left”

yes mistress, I have” he replied, he removed the panties from inside the boot and wrapped them around his cock, them he placed the shaft of the boot over it, gripped it so the boot was tight against the panties and slowly began to fuck it, Ellie laughed and began to film the act with her mobile phone, suddenly he began to move quicker, he was about to cum, “STOP, don't you dare cum in my panties” she yelled, he stopped and waited, a little while later she told him to continue, several times she allowed him to go right to the edge before stopping him.

Finally she spread her booted legs wide on her chair and began to play with her clit with one of her long slender fingers, she could tell he was watching her, “you'd like to be doing this wouldn't you worm, you'd like to bury that worthless cock of yours deep into my cunt, but all you are good for is fucking my dirty panties” he hept fucking the boot as she played with her clit, finally with a loud gasp he shot his load into the soft white silk.

Ellie smiled “good worm, now as an extra reward I will let you wear those panties so put them on” she continued filming as he removed his trousers and underwear and with some difficulty managed to get Ellies badly soiled panties on, his cock stiffened slightly as the soft silk brushed against it, finally he pulled on his trousers. Ellie meanwhile had continued to film events with one hand whilst pleasuring herself with the other, finally she stopped filming him and brought herself to a shuddering climax.


Well worm, what are you waiting for, do you expect your mistress to spend all day with no panties on, off you go like a good worm and buy me some new ones, and make sure they're nice ones”, Ellie pointed towards the office door, the worm picked up his jacket and made his way out into the street, his mistress had dismissed him, for now.

Ellie returned to the computer and looked in the virtual basket to check she'd got everything she wanted.

1 kid leather bra

1 pair kid leather panties

1 black leather micro-mini skirt

1 black leather knee length skirt

1 red leather micro-mini skirt

1 red leather knee length skirt

1 pair of black knee high boots, 4” stilletto heel

1 pair of red knee high boots, 4” stilletto heel

She didn't even bother looking at the price, that was the worm's worry, he wanted to letch and leer at her, fine, but he'd pay for the privelege!

Soon afterwards the office door opened, the worm was back, he placed a bag on her desk and began to remove items from it and place them on her desk, in the end there were a dozen pairs of panties of various shades and styles laid out before her. “will that be all mistress?” he enquired, “not quite, I just need your credit card details on this order if you don't mind” she replied, as she gently fondled a pair of bright red silk panties, “ooh these feel sexy, I think I'll wear these, hand me my red boots worm” she replied, he hurriedly handed her the boots then knelt down to remove her white ones, he watched intently as she slipped on the new panties and slid her long slender legs into the boots, finally he entered his card details into the computer and hit 'order', within a week Ellie would have a whole new outfit, well several in fact, all thanks to the worm.

Rising from her seat Ellie picked up her coat from the coat rack and snapped her fingers, “mistress is hungry, come along, oh and bring your card with you”, The worm stuffed his wallet back into his pocket and with a quick “coming mistress” he followed her out of the office.

As they walked along the street Ellie suddenly noticed a very attractive ¾ length camel coat in one of the shop windows, it was white and matched her other boots perfectly, “worm, go in there and buy me one of those, size ten if you don't mind, I'll meet you in the pub”. He scurried off into the shop and Ellie made her way slowly along the street to the pub on the corner, once inside she ordered herself a drink and found a quiet table in the corner, well away from the bar, they would be alone there, perfect for her plan!

Shortly after the worm arrived carrying a large bag containing the coat, “here we are mistress” he said, placing the bag carefully on the table, “excellent, I think I shall wear it now” she replied and immediately threw off her other coat, she stood impatiently clad only in her underwear and boots as she waited for him to take the coat from the bag and place it over her shoulders.

hurry up worm, before someone walks in” she growled, he placed the soft white coat around her shoulders and she slipped her arms in the sleeves before doing a little twirl. “well, does the worm like it?” “oh yes mistress, it really suits you” he replied. “good, you have done well, as a reward I will let you buy me a steak for lunch, oh and a bottle of champagne”. She snapped her fingers and watched as he scurried off to the bar.

Any thoughts he may have had about drinking champagne were soon dispelled when the barman came over with an ice bucket containing a bottle of Bollinger and two glasses which he placed on the table. “oh thank you, but would you also bring me a jug of water please, I'm afraind my friend isn't allowed alcohol” she asked in her most seductive voice. “of course madam, anything you say” replied the barman, he returned a few minutes later with a large jug of cold water.

She poured herself a glass and took a sip, “oh this is wonderful it really is” she purred, then turning to the worm, “how is your water by the way?” he poured a glass and drank some, “very nice thank you mistress”.

She smiled at him, “good, if you are very good you may have some of my champagne later” he nodded, “very good mistress”. After a wonderful meal of rump steak, jacket potatoes and seasonal vegetables, she looked at the menu and decided on a slice of apple pie and cream for dessert, followed by cheese and biscuits.

After her third glass of champagne she felt a familiar twinge in her bladder, “worm, mistress needs to piss, get under the table would you, it's time you had some of my champagne” then with a giggle added, “of course it might be a little warm”. He slid slowly under the table, this was why she'd chose a quiet part of the pub to sit in, she could carry out her plan undisturbed.

now worm, lower my panties and place your mouth around my cunt, and don't be shy, you've dreamt about doing it often enough”.

She raised her bottom and he gently slid her panties down her thighs over her boots, then he placed his mouth over her smooth hairless cunt and waited, slowly she began to release her bladder, she deliberately took her time as she didn't want to spill any, finally her bladder was empty.

now worm, as a reward you may pleasure me with your tongue, and make it good do you hear” she said softly, he did not reply, he merely began to use his tongue on her clit and soon after she gasped in pleasure as she orgasmed, finally he slipped her panties back on and emerged from the table. “very good worm, mistress is very pleased” she told him.

A short while later as she ate her cheese and biscuits a naughty thought came into Ellie's head, she reached under the table and discretly removed her silky red panties and handed them to the worm, “as I said earlier, mistress is pleased and as a reward I have decided to reward you, you may wank yourself off into my sexy little panties, if you look you'll see they've even got my cum on them, you'll like that worm, won't you!”

The worm nodded and made to get up, “where do you think you're going?” she asked, the worm stopped dead in his tracks, “to the toilets mistress, for my wank”, she shook her head, “oh no, you want it then you do it here, mistress wants to watch you”. He sat back down and undid his trousers, Ellie picked up her mobile phone and switched on the video camera, “carry on worm, your mistress wants to film this”.

Slowly he began to rub the panties up and down his erection, torn between getting it over with lest he be discovered yet wanting to savor every second, Ellie flicked her coat open and parted her legs slightly, giving him a clear view of the cunt he'd been lapping at earlier, “there, isn't it nice, you'd love to put your worthless cock inside it wouldn't you, think about it, those panties have been closer to it than your worthless prick, how does it feel having my warm juices against your pathetic worthless cock!”


Ellie was well into her dominant role by now and took delight in watching her letcherous boss as he did everything she ordered him to. Reaching out she took hold of his free hand and rubbed it gently over her pussy, he suddenly let out a groan and soiled her red silk panties with his cum, Ellie removed his hand from her pussy, “see, how little control you have, and look what you have done to my new panties” she chided, “sorry mistress, I lost control, it just happened” he mumbled, she closed her coat and taking her panties from him dropped them into her pocket.

Having finished both the meal and the champagne she got up and snapped her fingers, the worm hurried to open the door for her and once more they returned to the office, Ellie sat down at her desk and began to watch some porn on her computer leaving the worm to answer the telephone. She found herself getting incredibly aroused by the images on the screen and before she realised it she had a hand between her legs and was masturbating furiously, the worm had noticed this and was watching discretly.

Ellie gave herself several orgasms as she watched the film, it was about a woman, a dominatrix who allowed her worthless male admirers to clean her house and do things for her, in return she would abuse and degrade them. It was giving her some wonderful ideas for her own worthless admirer.

She snapped her fingers, “yes mistress” answered the worm, “that stuff you ordered this morning”, “yes mistress, what about it?” “well, I want you to ring the company and get it express delivered for tomorrow morning, I shall be having the day off and when it arrives I want you to bring it around to my house at one o'oclock, clear?”.

He picked up the phone and began to dial, “of course mistress, one o'clock mistress”. She stood up and stepped around her desk as he made the call, she bent over her desk and parted her long slender legs giving him a perfect view of her tight little arsehole, she gave a couple of gentle pushes to make it pucker, he stared at it, it was almost as if it was winking at him.

Having completed the call he hung up the phone, “All done mistress, it will be here by ten thirty, will there be anything else?” Ellie smiled to herself, she was still feeling aroused after watching the film even though she had used her fingers to give herself several orgasm's. One thing she had learned from the film was how important it was to occasionally reward a slave, and by rewarding him she could achieve her own sexual gratification, not that he'd be allowed to know that.

now then worm, I have decided to reward you for today, a really special reward, would you like that?” he nodded, “oh yes please mistress”, “good, now ever since I began working here I have noticed you seem to have a fixation with my pert little bottom, no doubt you'd leap at the chance to fuck my tight little shitter”. He could hardly believe what he was hearing, “oh yes mistress, I would indeed” he replied, “well then, tell me, tell me you'd like to fuck my tight little shitter” she replied, he looked at her, “I would very much like to fuck your tight little shitter, ever since I first saw you I've fantasised about it mistress” he replied, “very well, then you may, you may not however deposit your worthless little cum inside me, do you understand?” he nodded, “yes miss, I am not permitted to come inside your tight little shitter”, “vey well then, you may carry on” she replied.

He dropped his trousers and underpants and moved into position behind her, he took his time entering her and slowly built up a steady rhythm, he had to keep slowing down to avoid ejaculating, not so much because she had forbidden it but because he'd dreamt about it for so long he was determined to make it last. He managed, by sheer effort to hold out for twenty minutes much to the enjoyment of Ellie who had had several orgasms during this time, she only hoped he wouldn't notice her copious juices that had begun to run down her thighs and into her boots. Finally she felt him start to twitch and suddenly he withdrew his cock, it was only just in time and his load splattered all over the back of her long red boots and began to trickle slowly down them, he decided to say nothing, the thought of her walking to the bus with his cum dripping down her boots gave him a great deal of pleasure.

She stood up and put her new coat on, “well done worm, I am pleased with your efforts today, I'm going to have an early finish and relax in a nice warm bath, remember tomorrow one o'clock at my house, she handed him a piece of paper with her address on it and left the office, she made her way to the bus stop, her juices dripping down the inside of her boots and his dripping down the outside. Tomorrow, her fun would begin in earnest.


End of part 5

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